I don’t see nothing wrong……Well I do

I was reading a article on website clutchmagonline.com, and the title of article is “Why does anyone still thinks it’s okay to listen to R.Kelly” by XOJANE (another site that have articles featured on Clutch site) I have been waiting to read a article like this for a long time, its a question I have asked many times regarding this man.

R.Kelly has been a national recording since I was eleven years old, there was always a creep factor about this man I seen it then but could not quite articulate what it was back then. I never really got into R. Kelly’s music; I remember when the twelve play album came out when I was in sixth or seventh grade. All the girls were talking about this twelve play album and someone asked me what did I think about his album? I simply replied I don’t have it, don’t’ want it and the strange looks I received after that comment you would have thought that I killed a kitten.

Now grant it around the same time Aaliyah was out and yes she was unfortunately under the guidance of Robert Kelly. I love Aaliyah to this day, and back then the only time you heard R.Kelly coming out my speakers was because he produced her first album (by the way it was her least favorite album). Then in the summer of 1994 news reports came out that R.Kelly then married Aaliyah when she was fifteen years old.

Still don’t know the circumstances of why the marriage took place, however the fact remains a grown man married an underage girl. There was no outrage or uproar; yeah sure a lot of people talked about plenty but people weren’t mad or upset.  Meanwhile Michael Jackson was facing the child molestation charges and his career was never the same matter of fact he never bounced back from that people ridiculed him until his death (that’s will be another article).  But R.Kelly married a fifteen year old girl went on to became a mega selling artist

After that were cases of young woman who stated they have had sexual relations with the singer and those cases were settled out of court. Once again R.Kelly rides into the sunset saddles and all, folks flocked to the stores and to the shows with no problems.  In 2002, the infamous tape with the underage girl surfaces. I thought for sure oh yeah this dude is done he on tape there is no way he can continue after this.

Boy was I wrong I think it makes him even more popular and he sold more albums and he was free of all charges against him. That is when I realized that something is just not right, here you have a grown man who is illegally doing sexual acts to a minor and people had the nerve to flip it and say that the girl on the tape knew what she was doing. I heard that from, relatives, friends, classmates, etc. We support and condone the wrong things in my community we reward perverts and shame victims, yeah I said it.

At the end of the day we have the freedom to listen to who we want to listen to; my gripe with R. Kelly and others like him is that they don’t get held accountable for their actions.  Whether if his music is relevant or not means nothing to me, I just wonder what it is about Robert Kelly that people love so much.

I am not hating this just my opinion in relation to the article I have read on the clutch website, To those who enjoy his music more power to you.

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