Extended Play

elle-varner-conversational-lushLuke James - Whispers In The Dark


I remember growing up awaiting for albums (for those of us who remember vinyl) CD's, Cassettes whatever I was able to afford to drop on super Tuesday (music still comes out on that day but back in the day it was called super Tuesday). I just remember that feeling of going to record store and getting my music pick of the moment and listening to the new LP (long play of a artist studio album average about 45 minutes in play). Now we are approaching 2014 and in the a age of internet and social media we no longer have to wait for a artist official LP to come out.

EP (Extended Play) is what today's, current artist is bringing to the masses a lot of up and coming artist are presenting the EP before their official studio release comes to out. I must say that I am loving this trend, just like in hip hop artist of that genre have what the streets call mixtapes. I know the music industry is not what it use to be in terms of sales, budgets and marketing. This is  a great outlet for artist to put out there music to the public.

It seems like there is a EP before the album release of most of today's R&B artist and in some cases the EP is better than the actual LP album. I know for the past couples months my computer hard drive space has been decreasing with new EP's coming out every other day. Well that what is seems like, and I am not mad about it being the music nerd that I am I welcome the trend and hopes it stays.

2013 has been a good year for the music nerd aka me......


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