Bridget Kelly: Cut.... to Bridget Kelly EP

Now that I have got my feelings out about how Beyonce made us bow down and buy her album that magically appeared like a unicorn in the hood. Now we can move on to new artist and new music, today I want to talk about a EP that if it was a tape cassette it pretty much would be warped by now. The artist I am talking about is Roc Nation recording artist Bridget Kelly who has been making rounds on the music scene for few years now. She may be known as the girl who fills in for Alicia Keys on the song Empire of state of mind with Jay-Z when he performs it on tour.

2011 Bridget drop a EP called "Every girl" Which featured one of my favorite songs "Thinking about you" That is a dope EP definitely worth putting in your music collection. She has a new EP called Bridget Kelly EP. It has only six songs on there, starts off with "Goosebumps", "The Mouth" "Shit happens" "Friends" "Cocaine Heartbreak" and the very soulful "Special Delivery".

I love this EP from front to back, back to front and side ways, I am a self proclaimed music nerd there is no denying that. I listen to many different genres of music, my main type of music is R&B and if anyone knows me. Understands that I have not been happy with the current state of R&B Music for the last few years.

This EP brings life to the game of music and is in my top five favorite music albums that has came out this year. Her voice and tone is great, all the songs are sonically pleasing. Songs that I play back and forth is "Shit Happens" & "Friends". My thought if this is how her EPs sound than what will that album sound like? I expect nothing but wonderful things to come from Ms. Kelly.

I am loving the current state of R&B music today, I guess it can be called progressive R&B being that its has more of eclectic alternative tone but most importantly is the soul of it is coming back. And Bridget is definitely on the fore front of new artists who bring us back to the love and soul of this genre of music.

EP: Bridget Kelly " Bridget  Kelly, check out and peep the song Special Delivery below:


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