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Luke James

Man crush Monday is the current weekly topic where people talk about their current man crushes and on this blog yes I talk about a lot of things in pop culture, I will be covering more music, political topics and things in my world that are interesting and important to me.

With that being said I have a crush on this artist Luke James and is in love with his music. He is currently on tour with as the open act for Beyonce (I know those who may read this blog, say to them selves if she mention this chick one more time...sorry the he is on her tour) And he has a EP out called "Whispers in the Dark" good lord that is such a good listen ladies do your self a favor and listen to this EP.

Luke has a very soulful voice and he is something to definitely look out in music right now, He is apart of this new wave of progressive R&B movement. A Resurgence that this genre needed much appreciate his contribution to music.

My man crush for the moment and pretty much most this year chec…

Bridget Kelly: Cut.... to Bridget Kelly EP

Now that I have got my feelings out about how Beyonce made us bow down and buy her album that magically appeared like a unicorn in the hood. Now we can move on to new artist and new music, today I want to talk about a EP that if it was a tape cassette it pretty much would be warped by now. The artist I am talking about is Roc Nation recording artist Bridget Kelly who has been making rounds on the music scene for few years now. She may be known as the girl who fills in for Alicia Keys on the song Empire of state of mind with Jay-Z when he performs it on tour.

2011 Bridget drop a EP called "Every girl" Which featured one of my favorite songs "Thinking about you" That is a dope EP definitely worth putting in your music collection. She has a new EP called Bridget Kelly EP. It has only six songs on there, starts off with "Goosebumps","The Mouth" "Shit happens""Friends" "Cocaine Heartbreak" and the very soulful…

Let it Reign Part II

I have always been a moderate Beyonce fan, basically I like her music overall she has always been good artist in my opinion. But after recently dropping album on us on out the blue. The previous post I had, was just a quick acknowledgement that she released a album. To be honest I didn't have the time to really process the fact that this woman released a album with no promotion, no hints, nothing at all. In 2013 artists struggle to go gold let alone platinum with promotion. And what Beyonce did from my knowledge has never been done before.

She basically just gave the industry a middle finger and said fuck y'all I'm putting an album love or hate it, deal with it. I had a chance to really sit down and listen to the album, I do like the album and I am not just saying that because it the current trending topic at the moment. This is one of her better albums out of her solo collection. Of course my favorite is Dangerously in love, The Beyonce album is definitely Number two as …

Praying for Time......

I remember being a high school student in the spring of 1999 at time I was living in upstate new york, I came home from school and on the news there was a mass school shooting at columbine high school in colorodo. Two students went into the school that day and open fire killing classmates and then in the end the shooters ended up killing them selves. At that time I thought that was so terrible and awful that had happened.

I was under the impression that it would not happen again, then of course there were many more school shootings since. Now its fourteen years later and there has been another school shooting in the state of colorodo this time in Centennial Colorodo in arapahoe county which is also near Columbine. So far reports surfaced that two students were injured and then the shooter died from self inflicted and gun shot wounds.

This story has been heard one too many times in my lifetime, it so much that goes on in this world that it makes my head spin. December 14th marks the …

Let it Reign

December 13th was just a ordinary day for many of us, some was getting ready for school, work or just enjoying another friday. and low and behold Mrs Carter Knowles aka Beyonce has dropped an unexpected visual album to the masses on Itunes. The beehive is in a frenzy with this new album from the Queen B. It seems that she has followed the trend of her husband Jay Z, he dropped a album back in the summer only after a month of anouncing that he was coming with new collection of songs. And Samsung company brought a million copies of the album and release it to users of samsung phones on july fourth 2013. The Carters have decided to make their own rules when it comes to releasing albums in this era, the old way of presenting music to the masses does not work like it use to. So far I have heard some snippets of the album and from what I have heard it seem to be alright so far I am getting a mellow vibe. I read some review from others some is loving and some hate, either way she us talking…

Chain of fools......Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is in full effect and for those of you who don't know what cuffing season is, well here is a brief definition:

During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be "Cuffed" or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed-- Urban Dictionary

Okay let that marinate....Okay you got it? good, to elaborate some people only want to be bothered when the air is crisp and the wood is burning in the fireplace. Love is okay from October to early march, or depending on the situation cuffing season ends right after valentines day, Ironic I know.

Two people come together and spend their winter months together, because I guess that is the only time of year people get lonely. The loneliness magically goes away when the temperature rises and outdoor actives are in full effect.


Extended Play

I remember growing up awaiting for albums (for those of us who remember vinyl) CD's, Cassettes whatever I was able to afford to drop on super Tuesday (music still comes out on that day but back in the day it was called super Tuesday). I just remember that feeling of going to record store and getting my music pick of the moment and listening to the new LP (long play of a artist studio album average about 45 minutes in play). Now we are approaching 2014 and in the a age of internet and social media we no longer have to wait for a artist official LP to come out.

EP (Extended Play) is what today's, current artist is bringing to the masses a lot of up and coming artist are presenting the EP before their official studio release comes to out. I must say that I am loving this trend, just like in hip hop artist of that genre have what the streets call mixtapes. I know the music industry is not what it use to be in terms of sales, budgets and marketing. This is  a great outlet for arti…

I don’t see nothing wrong……Well I do

I was reading a article on website, and the title of article is “Why does anyone still thinks it’s okay to listen to R.Kelly” by XOJANE (another site that have articles featured on Clutch site) I have been waiting to read a article like this for a long time, its a question I have asked many times regarding this man.

R.Kelly has been a national recording since I was eleven years old, there was always a creep factor about this man I seen it then but could not quite articulate what it was back then. I never really got into R. Kelly’s music; I remember when the twelve play album came out when I was in sixth or seventh grade. All the girls were talking about this twelve play album and someone asked me what did I think about his album? I simply replied I don’t have it, don’t’ want it and the strange looks I received after that comment you would have thought that I killed a kitten.

Now grant it around the same time Aaliyah was out and yes she was unfortunately u…

Farewell Mr.Walker

The shot heard around the world this past weekend was the sudden death of actor Paul Walker, who most was notably known as character "Brian O' Connor" from the fast and furious movie franchise and I love those movies.  Paul and friend was killed in car crash on November 30 2013 just a few days after the thanksgiving holiday. When I heard the news I was immediately saddened along with the rest of his fans across the world. Paul was the matinee idol of my generation, he was our James dean, Paul Newman, Clark Cable of this time period. I have been a long time fan of his films and even though I did not know him he seem to be a very likeable person. He died young he just celebrated his 4oth birthday this past September. To many forty may seem old but when a person life is cut at that age we soon realize that is way to young to die. One thing I know is that life is short and want to say that I am grateful for my family, friends, place of employment and being able to live, tal…