Still down…….Twenty years and counting

September 1993 ABC network debut a sitcom called Thea, A show about a single mother raising four children on her own. There was one particular episode where Thea had concert tickets to an old Motown revival. She worked as a cashier at the local grocery store and in this episode there was a mother in the line who was trying to checkout but she could not afford the groceries, Thea felt badly for the mother being that she was a single mother as well raising children. So Thea decides to raffle her concert tickets off so the lady could feed her children. Later on in the show Thea goes home and the children finds out about her selling the tickets and decide to perform a concert for her in the living room. When it came time for her daughter to sing; I remember sitting with my family and my mother saying we need to watch out for that girl. And she was right Thea ended up being canceled, however the young lady who portrayed Thea daughter “Danisha” was none other than Brandy Norwood.

Summer 1994 music was so awesome that year some great albums came out, sophomore releases of Mary J. Blige “My Life” TLC “CrazySexyCool” Introduction of west coast rappers Snoop Dogg “Doggy Style” Warren G “Regulator G Funk Era” Common dedication to hip hop “I used to love her.” 1994 also marked the debut Albums from Usher, Aaliyah (look out for a future post on this album) and teen dreams Immature. Brandy debut album came out that same year as well, what I remember most is that I was thirteen about to enter seventh grade I don’t care what anyone says Brandy was the soundtrack to my youth. I remember the day I got my Brandy tape it was a warm day after school my mother took me the local records store called record theatre to pick up my tape. I was already familiar with the current song I wanna be down. When I got home and popped the tape in the deck and pressed play It was on every since, I listened to broken hearted  so many times the tape became warp.

From that point on I anticipated every brandy release that came after and still do this day. I am writing this post because Brandy is celebrating twenty years in the industry which is a huge accomplishment especially in today’s era of music. A lot of one hit wonders, disposable music on the airwaves today. Brandy survived all that she came in the game with Aaliyah and unfortunately Aaliyah lost her life in the height of her career. That what’s make this twenty year anniversary even more special Brandy had her ups and down like many artist, however she stuck with it and persevered and that is why I and along with others celebrate this accomplishment. I guess you can say right now we are in the reign of Beyonce (well according to her stans we are) Brandy was the blueprint for artist like Beyonce; debate me if you want to but those are the facts just saying don’t get mad at me.

Like many before Brandy she also created a lane for other female artist who came after her to become be successful. As an African American female coming up there was always limited images of African American singers, actors etc. What I have always like about Brandy is that she always carried herself with respect, it was never a moment where she was naked or being raunchy in her videos. I have always respected, admired and commended her for that she gave us little black girls something to look up to. I guess you can say I been along for the ride for that last twenty years being a fan. I am looking forward to the next twenty years Congratulations Brandy you made it; I will always root for you.

Your biggest fan


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