They don't like us....Part I

"I already told my daughters if your black the Black man dont want you… Be single and don’t marry until the Lord sends a man your way…. That is all"

 We are truly living in some sad times, what spark that statement above is a rebuttal to a article written by a African American male who shared his distaste of African American women in the united states. The commenter who made the statement above made many remarks towards the article but the last sentence of her article made me sad. In today world being a woman of color is not easy especially when comes to dating and settling down.

Being a African American women the odds are truly against us, AA women are being lump into the same categorey of being thug loving, baby having, gold digging, angry, bitter, jealous whores. And these are statements made by AA men, For some reason a couple of bad relationships with some women, got us all generalized into these catergories.

It's too much I try not to let it bother me however its hard not to becuase I myself for one don't like thugs, it nothing attractive a about man in his thirties that still sag his jeans and don't have a resume. Second I am single with no children, let me say that again, single with no children, I love kids and think they are truly a blessing but I refuse to bring a child in this world and take a gamble on raising he or she by myself. That may sound cold but that is reality folks and we living in some truly messed up times I am not going to force this world on a child no way.

Third I am not a gold digger I don't chase ballers, rappers etc. Yes I want stablity we all do, but I am not going compromise myself or health for a extra piece of change. Fourth I am not angry or bitter, all AA women are not miserable, I for one am actually a laid back person. Fifth I am not a Jealous whore, I don't sleep around and I sure dont knock the next female that do.

And other thing fella's make up your mind we are either sluts that sleep around to much or we are stuck up women who don't do enough sexually what do you want from us?

All I am saying is please stop putting all of us down if you don't want to be with AA women, it's  okay with me I am not going to hate be with who you want to be with, we don't need your explanation do you boo. The self hate going on amongst AA men and AA women in our community has to stop if we steady tear each other down how can we expect the youth coming up to do any better and we already see what state they are in and it's not good.

Our ancestors did not fight and die for us to be divided on some dumb shit, yes I said it this is some dumb ass shit.  Our community is falling apart becuase we are sitting in the corner pointing at one another saying I don't like you cause your black.

We have a generation of young AA men and AA women who are already confused about a lot things growing up in this world. It's time for my generation and the ones before me to step up and help our kids to love and respect one another cuase if we don't we will have another generation of angry hate ful people we don't need that.

No mother should ever have to tell her child male or female becuase of their skin tone, another person from their own race won't accept them........WAKE UP


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