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S--t is real

Well early this year rapper rick ross was shot at and crashed his car after leaving a club, this past week rapper 2 Chainz was a victim of attempted robbery in the bay area (San Francisco) at first the rapper denied that he was robbed but now that security footage has surfaced he rapping a different tune.

"I saw the gun before I saw him ... It was so heavy he couldn't really hold it ... the gun was so big, that's what made me take off running."~ 2 Chainz  (via TMZ).

Of course comments followed making fun of the rapper and how he ran and blah blah. Let me say this I was born and raised in the ghetto of east Buffalo NY. If someone pulls a gun out, you don't stand there and look cute you haul ass and that exactly what 2 chainz did and I don't blame him for running, street life ain't no joke people out here is hungry and now that we are in the age of I don't give a f--k state of mind these artist has to be more careful.

On flip side of that rappers are known to brag about money, talk about the street life and of course at thirteen majority of rap artist was selling drugs (sarcasm). singing lines like I need commas after my commas (no seriously that is a song). You have rappers waking up in expensive cars, every music video is  showcasing the champagne life,  pretty girls, stacks of money so thick that a rubber band has to hold it in place.

Meanwhile there is angry guy sitting in his apartment watching these rappers, listening to their songs and while that angry guy is getting all this excess rubbed in his face it makes him even more angry so angry he decides that when rapper A comes to town he going to try and take his head off.

I listen to rap music I am a product of the hip-hop generation and one thing that I have always thought is that rappers talk to much. I have never sold drugs a day in my life, however if wanted to I probably could from listening to various rap artist you could learn a thing or two about the drug game, I've always hated the term gangsta rap becuase real gangster don't talk.

Art imitates life and now life is imitating art, I am glad that 2 chainz and his associates are okay and no one was hurt in the altercation. But something has to change maybe is the music or maybe a change in entourage and replacing them with body guards what ever the case, it is real out here in these streets, there is no director to yell cut, no video girls, money is not raining down from the skies once you leave that set.

The game is be sold not to be told.......


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