It's hair people

I may have mentioned before and I will say it again I love reading blogs on a daily bases they are awesome, reading is fundamental. However sometimes there is a constant theme on popular african american blogs towards women. Natural hair vs Permed or weaved hair, I must say that this topic is boring and tired of the debates. This will be the first and last post about it. Natural Hair:  It think its awesome that my sistas are embracing the natural hair, it think natural hair is beautiful and wonderful. Here is my gripe, just a becuase woman decides to wear a weave or keep a perm does not mean she trying to obtain a european, look it also does not mean that becuase you wear a natural style you are superior above those who don't.  At the end of the day its a hairstyle and choice that's all. And  it does not always mean healthy either, Through out childhood and majority of my adulthood i've had long hair with a perm and without a perm and no I did not get a perm at two, I was well into my teens when I got one and it was by choice. Anyway becuase my hair was maintained properly through out those years I was able to have a long mane. My point is that yes having natural styled hair does elimate using  certain chemicals on hair.  However you still have to maintain your hair regardless.  Processed/Weave hair:  I currently have a perm right now and my hair is also short and my hair did not fall out from a perm, I live in arizona maintaining long hair was too much of a burden to maintain and due to unproper maintance, I didnt realize at the time that hair has to be maintained a certain way in the south west,( it gets up to 118 out here you try to keep hair moisturized all day) so therefore I have a short bob going, It will be long again some day. Anyway back to my weaved and perm ladies just becuase someone hair is un weaved and un permed does not mean they have nappy hair or there trying to be afro centric. And for those who have tried going natural and went back to a perm do not feel defeated everything ain't for everybody it is not that serious you are not a failure, its only hair that is all. Overall the point I am trying to make is wear your hair however you want it does not matter what the next person thinks who cares hair is not what makes a person it just a feature.


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