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They don't like us....Part I

"I already told my daughters if your black the Black man dont want you… Be single and don’t marry until the Lord sends a man your way…. That is all"

 We are truly living in some sad times, what spark that statement above is a rebuttal to a article written by a African American male who shared his distaste of African American women in the united states. The commenter who made the statement above made many remarks towards the article but the last sentence of her article made me sad. In today world being a woman of color is not easy especially when comes to dating and settling down.

Being a African American women the odds are truly against us, AA women are being lump into the same categorey of being thug loving, baby having, gold digging, angry, bitter, jealous whores. And these are statements made by AA men, For some reason a couple of bad relationships with some women, got us all generalized into these catergories.

It's too much I try not to let it bother me however its…

Back in the Day: Jodeci Diary of a mad band

Well if anyone knows me they know that I love music, I have been a lover of music since I was a small child days of being home and listening to Anita baker singing caught up in the rapture on WBLK 93.7 FM. As I got older I had my own walkman and started to get cassette tapes. In 1993 twenty years ago (wow) one of my favorite music groups at the time was Jodeci, that year the group was at their peak and current single they had out was the remake of the Stevie Wonder song "lately" in that same year the group release their second album that was a well produced album for that time period and that genre of music.
The album is called "Diary of a mad band"  written and produced by band member DeVante Swing. Singles off the album included"Cry for you, Feenin and what about us?." At the time I was only twelve when the album came out, Jodeci music was heavy on adult themes in their songs. I may not have fully understood the lyrics in dept but I have a different e…

S--t is real

Well early this year rapper rick ross was shot at and crashed his car after leaving a club, this past week rapper 2 Chainz was a victim of attempted robbery in the bay area (San Francisco) at first the rapper denied that he was robbed but now that security footage has surfaced he rapping a different tune.

"I saw the gun before I saw him ... It was so heavy he couldn't really hold it ... the gun was so big, that's what made me take off running."~ 2 Chainz  (via TMZ).

Of course comments followed making fun of the rapper and how he ran and blah blah. Let me say this I was born and raised in the ghetto of east Buffalo NY. If someone pulls a gun out, you don't stand there and look cute you haul ass and that exactly what 2 chainz did and I don't blame him for running, street life ain't no joke people out here is hungry and now that we are in the age of I don't give a f--k state of mind these artist has to be more careful.

On flip side of that rappers are…

It's hair people

I may have mentioned before and I will say it again I love reading blogs on a daily bases they are awesome, reading is fundamental. However sometimes there is a constant theme on popular african american blogs towards women. Natural hair vs Permed or weaved hair, I must say that this topic is boring and tired of the debates. This will be the first and last post about it. Natural Hair:  It think its awesome that my sistas are embracing the natural hair, it think natural hair is beautiful and wonderful. Here is my gripe, just a becuase woman decides to wear a weave or keep a perm does not mean she trying to obtain a european, look it also does not mean that becuase you wear a natural style you are superior above those who don't.  At the end of the day its a hairstyle and choice that's all. And  it does not always mean healthy either, Through out childhood and majority of my adulthood i've had long hair with a perm and without a perm and no I did not get a perm at two, I was…