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Watch what you say

In the United States of America we have freedom of speech, where we have the right to say what we feel. Recently rap artist Rick Ross and Lil Wayne lost their endorsement deals with Reebok and Mountain Dew over controversial lyrics. Ross loss his sneaker deal for this line "Puta Molly all up in her champagne. . .I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it"  To break it down he basically put a drug in a woman drink took her home and had his way. That what the song implies, no matter how you slice it that is date rape. Mr. Ross gave a half ass apology and so protesters went after Reebok to drop him and eventually they did.

The line that caused Lil Wayne his deal with mountain dew "Beat that p---y up like Emmett Till."; Back story on this line, Emmet Till was African American teenager from Chicago who was visiting family in Mississippi in 1955 Emmett did something that was not allowed back than he flirted with a white woman by whistling at her. Because of what Emmet did he was shot and beaten beyond recognition and killed at the age of 14. Till family was outraged by the line that Lil Wayne said and rightfully so. When the lyrics was first brought up there was no immediate apology to the family and now that the Till family asked the Pepsi Co (They own Mountain Dew) to drop the artist, a few days prior Wayne wrote a apology to the Till family however the artist was still dropped from the brand.

I listen to hip hop music I grew up on it like many others. Now that I am in my thirties I have grown a bit tired of the lyrical content in today's hip hop; and yes I know I don't have to listen to it and you know what I don't. The genre has always had its controversy regarding the lyrics that is nothing new. The backlash is a domino effect because people are getting tired of these artist and its about time. Call me a hater but loosing these deals should serve as wake up call to all artists not just rappers.

Like I said I am all for freedom of speech this is why this blog exist but I have the commons sense to get my point  across my way with out offending anyone it's not rocket science. We as Americans can say whatever we want its our right, but just because we have that right does not mean anything has to said. And for those who are upset with Reebok and Mountain dew for dropping these artists get over it. These corporate giants are not going loose a dollar to keep these guys as the face for their companies.


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