Totally Crossed Out--R.I.P Chris Kelly

it's the quicka rippa ripper

Known to flip a script like it ain't notin'
All ya MC's that used to MCs better duck an'
Run an' hide cause it's too late to try to make it right
Ya just messed up and I ain't tryin' to let ya slide
Cause I ain't the one for that I ain't the one that slack
I'm the Miggida-Miggida-Mac pack and I ain't takin' jack
I don't care who you get or who ya wit'
Just know you won't be equipped to what it takes to break this krossed
out kid
I've got deez off dout clout cause I'm deez off doubt
I'm bad suckas if ya wanna know what I'm talkin about
So lay your cards on the table cause I'm able to rock
When ever, where ever I still rocks the cradle
Cause i'm a nappy happy bad little sun-of-a-gun
And in my eyes, nigga, you don't want none
Cause on the mike I get dum-ditty ditty-dum
So watcha back when I say here it comes

I know you hear me comin here I come
So you besta watch ya back
it's da bomb
I know you hear me comin here I come
And I'm called the Miggida-Miggida-Mac

Mac Daddy verse Da Bomb 1993

Late 1991 watching music videos on the box (a video channel where viewers called and picked the video they wanted to see) a video comes on with two of the cutest boys I have ever seen, One thing that struck me as odd they had there clothes on backwards, The video I am referring to is Kris Kross jump, today I have learned that Chris Kelly aka Mac Daddy has passed away at the age of 34. I am sad for a lot of reasons, one was a young man has left us early. Two a Idol from my child hood is gone, I loved kris kross to death back in the day like many i was a  huge fan. I had the cassettes posters, CD's you name it. My fondest memory is when I turned 15 in 1996 and my mom went out and brought their last  tape "young rich and dangerous" for me and I remember her saying I am sorry but this is all I could afford to get you this year and I said that all I wanted and it was perfect thank you so much. And I cherished it so much for that reason alone. My mama did the best she could and did anything she could to make her kids happy and that kris kross tape made me happy, I didn't care about having  a new outfit that tape was enough. So So Def the label that introduced kris kross just celebrated their twentieth anniversary this past febuary and the duo performed their hits, and know here it is a few month later and Chris Kelly has passed on and may he R.I.P, one love brother.....

Chris Kelly 1978-2013

R.I.P Denise Daniels (thank you mom)


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