To live and die for hip-Hop

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Last week I wrote a post about the death of Chris Kelly, 1/2 of the 90's duo Kris Kross, at the time of the post I was not sure what the cause of death was at the time. A couple days later it was revealed that Kelly died of a drug overdose of cocaine and heroin (speedball). So sad that this young man life was cut short due to drug use. In today's current state of hip hop music the drug culture is celebrated now more than ever. When I was growing up it was the drug dealer who turned rapper that made songs speaking about the ills of street life. Now on the flip side of that it's the user who making songs talking about drinking sizzurp (codeine mixed with soda) and popping mollies (a mixture of drugs in one capulet). Every time I watch a video or hear a song there is always a mention of these types of drugs that are used in a rap verse. I was born in the eighties and grew up in the nineties and I remember when the crack epidemic first hit and groups like Public enemy, NWA, a many others who were apart of the hip hop community would have anti drug and violence message. The east coast artist had "self destruction", west coast had "were all in the same gang". Them days are long gone this is the party and bullshit era of hip hop. Where everything is glorified to the tenth power, you know i was once a defender of the freedom speech rhetoric, oh its just entertainment. And now that I am older I can no longer say that. We have a generation of young people who are exposed to these messages through, TV, radio and social media around the clock. No one wants to talk about the effects of these drugs, instead its lets go to the strip club get high, have good time. I am all for having fun however i am not willing to die for it, and neither should these artists. I will always love the culture of hip-hop but i am not willing to live and die for it.


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