Ratchet Times

Now that I am in my thirties I realize that there are some things in pop culture that are starting to annoy me. At one point in time I was a pop culture junkie, however in the age of social media certain things are over kill. And what is in overkill right now is the word ratchet, I guess ratchet is new term for saying ghetto and that word wasn't any better. Now let me say this I am not some stuck up bougie princess by any means, but I  am a grown woman who would like for once to have a conversation or read something with out hearing or seeing the word ratchet. I got it at first it was funny but I didn't think it would  be apart of our daily conversation. When your talking to someone and they say "That bitch is ratchet" and that's when I scratch my head and think hmm you just referred to this person as a bitch and ratchet in the same sentence and that makes you the  voice of reason, yeah okay. I know I don't always speak the kings english, but I do try to watch my words and how carry myself around others, I just wish this word ratchet would retire, along with molly and the saying turn't up.

P.S. I think the actual intention  was to use the word "wretched".....Just my thoughts


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