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Ratchet Times

Now that I am in my thirties I realize that there are some things in pop culture that are starting to annoy me. At one point in time I was a pop culture junkie, however in the age of social media certain things are over kill. And what is in overkill right now is the word ratchet, I guess ratchet is new term for saying ghetto and that word wasn't any better. Now let me say this I am not some stuck up bougie princess by any means, but I  am a grown woman who would like for once to have a conversation or read something with out hearing or seeing the word ratchet. I got it at first it was funny but I didn't think it would  be apart of our daily conversation. When your talking to someone and they say "That bitch is ratchet" and that's when I scratch my head and think hmm you just referred to this person as a bitch and ratchet in the same sentence and that makes you the  voice of reason, yeah okay. I know I don't always speak the kings english, but I do try to wat…

To live and die for hip-Hop

Last week I wrote a post about the death of Chris Kelly, 1/2 of the 90's duo Kris Kross, at the time of the post I was not sure what the cause of death was at the time. A couple days later it was revealed that Kelly died of a drug overdose of cocaine and heroin (speedball). So sad that this young man life was cut short due to drug use. In today's current state of hip hop music the drug culture is celebrated now more than ever. When I was growing up it was the drug dealer who turned rapper that made songs speaking about the ills of street life. Now on the flip side of that it's the user who making songs talking about drinking sizzurp (codeine mixed with soda) and popping mollies (a mixture of drugs in one capulet). Every time I watch a video or hear a song there is always a mention of these types of drugs that are used in a rap verse. I was born in the eighties and grew up in the nineties and I remember when the crack epidemic first hit and groups like Public enemy, NWA, a…

Watch what you say

In the United States of America we have freedom of speech, where we have the right to say what we feel. Recently rap artist Rick Ross and Lil Wayne lost their endorsement deals with Reebok and Mountain Dew over controversial lyrics. Ross loss his sneaker deal for this line "Puta Molly all up in her champagne. . .I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it"  To break it down he basically put a drug in a woman drink took her home and had his way. That what the song implies, no matter how you slice it that is date rape. Mr. Ross gave a half ass apology and so protesters went after Reebok to drop him and eventually they did.

The line that caused Lil Wayne his deal with mountain dew "Beat that p---y up like Emmett Till."; Back story on this line, Emmet Till was African American teenager from Chicago who was visiting family in Mississippi in 1955 Emmett did something that was not allowed back than he flirted with a white woman by whistling at her. Becaus…

Good Morning

The debate has begun about the morning after pill that is now available to be sold over the counter. Some see it as a good idea and some see it as a bad idea. Folks we need to wake up and realize, teenagers are not going to stop having sex get over it and further more everyone is not going to use protection and that is with kids and adults. I look at the morning after pill to be another precaution, because accidents happen and like I said above protection isn't always going to be used. Parents need to step up and stop ducking the issue and have real mature dialogue with their kids about sexual activity. Of course we all want children to wait until they are older, mature and with the right person to engage in sexual activity. And some will follow that path and some will not. Either way talk to your children, we are in the Internet age there are all sort of tools to help get conversation going.

Totally Crossed Out--R.I.P Chris Kelly

it's the quicka rippa ripper
Known to flip a script like it ain't notin' All ya MC's that used to MCs better duck an' Run an' hide cause it's too late to try to make it right Ya just messed up and I ain't tryin' to let ya slide Cause I ain't the one for that I ain't the one that slack I'm the Miggida-Miggida-Mac pack and I ain't takin' jack I don't care who you get or who ya wit' Just know you won't be equipped to what it takes to break this krossed out kid I've got deez off dout clout cause I'm deez off doubt I'm bad suckas if ya wanna know what I'm talkin about So lay your cards on the table cause I'm able to rock When ever, where ever I still rocks the cradle Cause i'm a nappy happy bad little sun-of-a-gun And in my eyes, nigga, you don't want none Cause on the mike I get dum-ditty ditty-dum So watcha back when I say here it comes

I know you hear me comin here I come So you besta watch ya …