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Why you don't like me?

(Rihanna (l) and Ciara (R) backstage @ MTV Total request 2008)

Spring 1998: two teenage girls came together and made a song, that song was called "The boy is mine" The two teenage girls who made that song is Brandy & Monica. Prior to making that song it was widely speculated that Brandy & Monica didn't like each other, it was a lot of he said she said back and forth on radio and in the magazines (before twitter). Come to find out they didn't really now each other, When it came time for brandy to record her second album "Never say never" (such a awesome album by the way) she wrote a song and realized it would work better as a duet, she called up Monica and said I got song need your voice come to the studio (may not been those exact words) and then history was made.

The song spent 13weeks at #1 on billboard top 200, earned the ladies their first gram my and we all know that they made a shit load of money.  But rumor has it the two got into a fight backstage at the 1998 MTV video awards, which to this day both Brandy and Monica Denies the fight has ever happened . Overall the these two were able to put aside there there differences and made music history and made a boat load of money by cat fighting on song (Brilliant) I am pretty sure they both still are spending money from 98.

Spring 2013: The ladies of RnB are on a different page we have the queen Beyonce telling bitches bow down (we will touch on that in a later post). Keyshia Cole throwing shade at the latest beyonce song and she was also throwing shade at Michelle Williams from her performance at the super bowl.

Now lets get to the main event Rihanna and Ciara who is in the picture up above. For some reason and I am not quite sure but these two ladies seem to quite not like one another.  I guess the two rift started in 2011 and Ciara made this comment:

"I thought everything was cool because I actually saw Rihanna two years ago at the Met Gala after we had the little small back and forth and from what I recall everything was cool. So, in my mind I operate from a place of love and pure support. If you would have asked me about her up until this point I would have nothing but good things to say because I’m really happy for her. But I didn’t receive what they did from a positive place".

Recently Ciara has been doing press for her up coming album and all the DJ and blogger bombard with the essential question "So what is the problem with Rihanna? Ciara who always remain cool and calm replies with:

"I’ve never had an issue with her. So I don’t know what it is, I can’t figure it out and I guess I don’t care to figure it out. I’ve always come from a place of love and support for her, ever since we hung out a little bit, so she’s on whatever she’s on and it is what it is. But whatever is supposed to happen will happen, no matter which way it goes".

You have these two talented young women for what ever reason can not co exist in the same industry. In RnB music right now there is not a lot of female artist who is on the charts with that being said, there should be more support and less hate, come together and make some good music call it a day.

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