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Dating in the 21st century is interesting, you meet someone who you think is cool and compatible able to relate to and just enjoy that person company. You spend most of your time with this person and may even share a intimate relationship with them. And when your friend ask so are you two boyfriend and girlfriend. The general answer is we are just kicking it or we just got a "situation" going. And then there are the infamous pet names; Wifey, boo thang. jump off, side chicks, bottom b--tch, main chick. You notice most of these names are in regards to women, a male can be a boo thang, jump off. However its most common for a man to call a woman that he seeing these things, I myself find that to be annoying as hell, its either we boyfriend and girlfriend or nothing at all. It's no longer we are dating as I mentioned before the more popular term of today is we are in a situation. But then there is, no one should have a tittle or be labeled we live in a different time no need for that. Okay that may be true but why is there still some much drama and conflict in the average relationship. I don't want to be in a situation I want to be in a relationship. And to be honest dating scares me, yeah I said it, it scares me i believe in having a clear direction in all facets of my life. Not saying that every person I date I have to be exclusive with, but if I get to a point where I meet a guy and I feel that he is the only person I want to be with and he giving me the indication that I am the only person he wants to be with then we need to establish what we want from one another plain and simple. And further more to avoid being labled the wifey or side chick, i need to know upfront if he is seeing other people fine let know from the gate, I don't want to be gassed up thinking I will be the one and only. Overall we need to get out of these situations and be real with one another.


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Great Albums Of 1996: Mona Lisa 11-20-79

Photo Source: Google Images - Mona Lisa duel album covers

June 11th 1996 Mona Lisa released her debut 11-20-79

As I continue with my series of great albums of 1996, this album that I am featuring on this post is probably in my top 10 of  my top 100 favorite albums. I promise I will treat you all to that list one day soon, I have been mentally creating that list forever, as old albums stay the same, new albums come out so stay tuned. Anyway this album featured on today's post is an album that I still play on a regular basis to this day.

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Google Images: Micheal S. Smith Photography, Seneca Vocational H.S.
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Math was my weakest subject, and the schools that I chose at the time a student had to excel well in the area of math. And me not being on my A game it caused me to loose out on all of my choices of the schools I wanted to attend. So in fall of 1996 I was at my district school. While all my Jr. high friends was at the school of their choices living the high life.

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