Real N---a: What happen to real men

I am proud to be a black woman and I love my black people with that being said I am so tired hearing the line "I am a real ni--a or these ni--as ain't real" I am tired of hearing it in music, movies and seeing it on facebook etc. Ideally why would any one want to be a real nigga, I hate that we took that word and made it a term if endearment. If I say it it nothing endearing about it when I say it, i try not to use in my vocabulary and for the most part I don't. And if anybody reading this thinking she is bougie or stuck up, your wrong I am neither I am a grown woman who is tired hearing  grown men and women talk like their twelve. What spark this post is a comment made by Drake " At one point the woman he loves fell into my lap and I did what a real nigga would do and treated her with respect." Okay he made that statement and it irked me but it's the comments that followed that really pissed me off like this one "Real niggaz don't treat jumpoffs with respect..smash,on to the next one talk about it when breezy talk shit". So Drake is not a real nigga because he treated Rihanna with respect and the guy who commented feels a real nigga don't  treat side women and jumpoffs with respect. Either way both of these statements sound ignorant. How about a real man treats a woman with respect. I don't understand why black men look at them selves as nothing more than a nigga when simply they are meant to be something greater. I hear the excuses society always gone see us as niggas and blah, blah yeah your right society will always see us as being niggas because we allow it to be seen that way. In my eyes the way I look at term nigga is someone who isn't about anything, they have nothing going on worth anything in their life. At the end of the day I don't want a real nigga, I want a real man.


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