The Game new season

   The sixth season of the game has started and let me start off by saying that I am deeply sad about the character "Derwin Davis" being written off the show. I love me some some Derwin, but the show must go on. Derwin played by actor Pooch Hall and Malanie played by actress Tia Mowry-Hardict is no longer apart of the cast of the game. Originally there characters was the focal point of the show, well the powers that be of the show has decided to end that storyline.

I read all the gripes and complaints from folks, oh the game has changed or the lines are dry and blah this blah that. Yes the show has changed its not on the CW network anymore it under a whole different budget. It's no longer a sitcom. Folks have to realize major networks are able to supply the bells and whistles to make a sitcom work. A channel like BET does not have the budget to do sitcoms like the major networks. They don't its a fact, look what happened to the Monique show, they tried late the night talk show thing and could not afford to keep it going. It cost a million of dollars a day to just keep the studio light's running.

 The writing on the game has changed and yes it can be dry at times, but I would much rather watch dry acting then watch reality TV shows where it supposed to be real and see woman play themselves and tear each other down over some men who in actuality do not want  to have anything to do with them.

The first episode of the game was okay as I mentioned before I love me some Derwin, I think they  should have made that character retire instead of trading him to a less than stellar team, but on the bright side he will be with Melanie while she do her residency. If they had to write some one out of the show, I think the malik wright character should be the character to leave. His off the wagon on the wagon antics over the top and how many women can he really sleep with? Honestly that is getting old with his character. They tried to give him a girlfriend he messed that up. Through out the night he kept referring to him self and being a pawn it seems that line is going to become the direction of the Malik Wright character we shall see.

Another character I would mind if they got rid off is Jason Pitts, easy on the eyes but he still tad bit obnoxious. I love the fact that Brandy is on the show who plays Chardonnay (I still hate her name) and she is married to Jason Pitts and now that he is married to a black woman I thought it would tone him down a bit guest not. What would be cool they bring back his daughter and see how the dynamic between Jason, Chardonnay and Brittney would work, just a thought.

The new characters Bryce "Blueprint " Westbrook played by Jay Ellis, I guess he is Derwin replacement. I seem him and Malik clashing this season, being that he is new guy,
 I can't really say to much about him yet, however more shirtless scenes with him are recommended. Kiera Michelle Whittaker played by Lauren London, hmm I guess i will always see her as new new (Character she played in ATL) She is alright thus far, it will be interesting to see where the relationship between her and Bryce will go.

Last but not least Tasha Mack, I've always liked her character and always liked the fact that she is a manager in the world of football. The writers need to shift back to that and hopefully that will happen this season. We all want Tasha to find love however the going back and forth between different boyfriends is a bit annoying.  Her character is the backbone of the show and having her weak and emotional over a guy takes away from it.

Overall I like the first episode, my suggestion is since they stripped the show down, the writers  should take out the comedy aspect and make it a full on dramatic series. The comedic lines are awkward now since its not really a laugh track. I will still support the game, it not a bad show like everyone is making out to be now that its on the BET network. We have to keep supporting these shows, it sure beats watching reality shows any day.


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