"Your friends won't help you in a squeeze, please they got problems of their own"- The Pharcyde, Runnin 1995
That quote is from one of my favorite hip hop songs "Runnin" performed by the pharcyde, that particular line hits close to home. When I think back to a time when people took time for one another to see how a person was doing, that time was long ago. In today world conversations are through text messages and social media. Phone calls  no longer last hours and hours, 5-10 minutes max, well in my world that how long they last. Everybody is always running, I understand that we as adults have busy lives, with work, children etc. But it amazes me people don't have the time to talk in person or over the phone. Yet have all the time in the world to take pictures of what they ate at red lobster and post on facebook and instagram. It makes no sense at all to me it really don't; I often wonder when did it come to a point that and time that we as a society make time to comment on stats online and stop taking time to see if someone is alright. We need to stop running and take time out to sit and see what going on in each other lives for once and not wait to read a stat to see how someone is doing


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