Put a ring on it

Well last night I was watching, VH1 reality show the black ink crew, and on last night's episode Puma the curator of the tattoo shop, told the other guys that he was going to purpose to his girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child. And he was met with some flack from the other fellas in the shop. The owner Cesar and Teddy was like they don't see the point in marriage it makes no sense, blah blah blah. Really can't be offended by two men who refer to the women they date as bitches, I mean they act as if there in high school chasing girls. Meanwhile Cesar is having baby mama drama and his current girlfriend just paid his child support, so he has no room to put another man down for doing the right thing which is stepping  up and being a man. The look on Puma face showed that he was disappointed by his friends. When I was younger I didn't see the point of marriage either, at one point and time the only example of marriage i seen growing up was my maternal grandparents, but that was short lived because my grandmother passed when I was ten. My mother was a single parent she didn't date, so i didn't have a template for a relationship or marriage. But now that I am older it do see the importance of marriage, it's not just a piece of paper it's a spiritual union that connect two people who have unconditional love for one another for life. Listening to the guys of BIC put down there friend because he want to get married is disheartening. I hear the jokes and things a lot of men say about marriage, but when are these guys going to grow up and respect the next man choices. Not everybody wants to sleep around for the rest of there life. I come from a generation of the broken homes and according to recent marriage reports more and more people are putting it off. I am single, I am not opposed to marriage, I have not met the right man that is suitable for it as of yet. If i never get married I am okay with that, I will never put down the next person who is heading towards marriage. In conclusion what I learned from last night episode is that sometimes its best to keep things to yourself and let it happen. And I love the fact that after Puma purpose to his fiance he walked up and said to Cesar, I don't have to worry about child support or baby mama drama. Well puma from your mouth to GOD ears let's hope not....


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