Mama baby, Papa maybe....

So I was watching the most recent episode of black ink crew, and the one of the cast members Teddy was telling the boss Cesar that he may have a baby on the way. And before he told Cesar this, in his one on one he stated women have been trying to trap him and have his baby. In 2013 people still are saying they are being trapped with children. That has to be one of the dumbest things that can come out of  male or females mouth. No one gets trapped into having children, the choice was made when that person decided to lay down and not use protection. When it comes to unprotected sex everyone involved is aware of the consequences of that action. That's like the condom breaking theory, you know when two get together and the girl becomes pregnant and the excuse is the condom broke. I am not saying that condoms don't break,  I know shit happens. But we all know good and damn well that a condom was nowhere in the room in most cases. I don't believe in the baby trapping theories I am sorry call me crude, call me cynical whatever. When two consenting adults engage is sexual activities both parties know the risk involved. And this man clearly stated that he did not use a condom and now he feel like is trapped. Its all good when it comes to sexing but the no one wants to bare the responsibility when a child is involved. It 2013 I am so over people and there excuses when it comes to unwanted pregnancies. I am not saying I am perfect I understand there are certain emotions that comes with certain situations I get that. Grown ass folks need to get grip stop sexing raw, rap it up, get on the pill and stop f--king with lame ass people. If you  don't want to get "trapped" think with big head and not the little one.


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