Lord can we get a break

On march 8th 2013, my cousin was shot and killed in Buffalo NY he was only twenty two years old.  His life was cut short over what? I am not sure, however I guarantee it was not worth taking his life. I just read article about six month old who was shot five times over some gang related bullshit in the city of Chicago. A few weeks ago a young lady name Hadiya was shot and killed and recently laid to rest in that same city. When are we going to get a break? when will these fools grow a conscience and stop killing there own brothers and sisters? We get on our knees and prey every day for a better tomorrow. Sometimes I wonder if our prayers are getting heard it don't seem like it, right now I am working on my individual path with GOD. And during our talks I ask when will we get a break? the world is in pain right now and my community is being affected the worst. I am of tired getting phone calls says so and so was just shot. Or reading on facebook rest in paradise, you was the realest around the away. Every time I turn on the news children getting shot up in schools, people getting shot at the movie theatre. All this bickering back and forth about guns laws is tired, when are we going to get a break? I am searching for answers that may never get answered, I left my city of Buffalo in search for better. But what is better? yes I am blessed to see palm trees and mountain tops on my daily commute,  down below I see is poverty and despair I encounter a homeless person and meth addict on a day to day basis. Just cause the sun is shining doesnt mean everyone is smiling. When are we going to get a break? I have a lot to be grateful for and gives thanks for everything that has been given, i just would like to wake and read kids in Chicago and buffalo and other urban cities are going school, getting jobs and being productive with their time. I would like to hear that gun are under control, its safe to go to movies. I just want to wake up to the world I dream off, Lord can we get a break?


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