Adventures of the loner

On March 11th I will be thirty two years old (and proud to say it).  Originally I was going to have a intimate get together at my home, I sent out text messages and really didn't really get to many responses. So I said screw that switch it up, do a dinner meet at a restaurant and have a good time. Well that kinda went like the get together. However a few coworkers are coming out to the dinner which is greatly appreciated. Growing up I pretty much stayed to myself. I have close friends but generally I am mostly by myself. I have been to a lot of concerts in my life time and only been to one with my sister, all the other shows i was by myself. All the high school parties, I went by myself. I know you may be asking yourself, damn does this person do everything alone? No I have done my share of group events, but those events were initiated by a friend, classmate or co-worker. When I have try to put to something together it never goes as planned. I understand people have other things going on and cannot always make it to certain things. I understand that and respect it, in my world when I open up and want to include others it never turns out to be what I expect it to be. And now that I am turning thirty two, I am at the point where it is like screw it, thats apart of being older there are going to be times when things don't goes as planned. Life does not go according to plan for the most part so when someone dont want to come out to a party or social gathering it's cool. For me it like this, I am a loner, it's my nature and its nothing wrong with it. I am not the party thrower, I go to the parties, at this point I will remain doing just that going and not hosting.


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