Make it happen

I have been living in the arizona for almost three years now and I have my love hate relationship with this state that i am in. Recently I have been going through emotions I guess you can say I have been dealing with growing pains. I came out here with intentions to better myself and come out my shell, i've had my moments of going out hanging with different people. But of course those moments are short lived, my life have become the work home work home cycle. Right now I work in a call center and we all know how exciting that can be. When a person does the same routine day in and day out, it can cuase depression or God forbid it can make a person a little looney. Well I had finally hit my glass ceiling and said enough is enough, tired of being lonely and not doing something meaningful with my life. I am now a volunteer with a radio station called radio phoenix where i will be learning how to manage the boards and produce shows. This volunteer opportunity has restored my faith in being in arizona and most importantly I believe in myself again. Sometimes in life we have stop waiting on something to happen and we have to make it  happen. In the words of one of my favorite artist Mariah Carey "If you believe within your soul, hold on tight and don't let go, you can make it, make it happen" And that what I plan on doing is to make it happen.


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