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Luke James

Man crush Monday is the current weekly topic where people talk about their current man crushes and on this blog yes I talk about a lot of things in pop culture, I will be covering more music, political topics and things in my world that are interesting and important to me.

With that being said I have a crush on this artist Luke James and is in love with his music. He is currently on tour with as the open act for Beyonce (I know those who may read this blog, say to them selves if she mention this chick one more time...sorry the he is on her tour) And he has a EP out called "Whispers in the Dark" good lord that is such a good listen ladies do your self a favor and listen to this EP.

Luke has a very soulful voice and he is something to definitely look out in music right now, He is apart of this new wave of progressive R&B movement. A Resurgence that this genre needed much appreciate his contribution to music.

My man crush for the moment and pretty much most this year chec…

Bridget Kelly: Cut.... to Bridget Kelly EP

Now that I have got my feelings out about how Beyonce made us bow down and buy her album that magically appeared like a unicorn in the hood. Now we can move on to new artist and new music, today I want to talk about a EP that if it was a tape cassette it pretty much would be warped by now. The artist I am talking about is Roc Nation recording artist Bridget Kelly who has been making rounds on the music scene for few years now. She may be known as the girl who fills in for Alicia Keys on the song Empire of state of mind with Jay-Z when he performs it on tour.

2011 Bridget drop a EP called "Every girl" Which featured one of my favorite songs "Thinking about you" That is a dope EP definitely worth putting in your music collection. She has a new EP called Bridget Kelly EP. It has only six songs on there, starts off with "Goosebumps","The Mouth" "Shit happens""Friends" "Cocaine Heartbreak" and the very soulful…

Let it Reign Part II

I have always been a moderate Beyonce fan, basically I like her music overall she has always been good artist in my opinion. But after recently dropping album on us on out the blue. The previous post I had, was just a quick acknowledgement that she released a album. To be honest I didn't have the time to really process the fact that this woman released a album with no promotion, no hints, nothing at all. In 2013 artists struggle to go gold let alone platinum with promotion. And what Beyonce did from my knowledge has never been done before.

She basically just gave the industry a middle finger and said fuck y'all I'm putting an album love or hate it, deal with it. I had a chance to really sit down and listen to the album, I do like the album and I am not just saying that because it the current trending topic at the moment. This is one of her better albums out of her solo collection. Of course my favorite is Dangerously in love, The Beyonce album is definitely Number two as …

Praying for Time......

I remember being a high school student in the spring of 1999 at time I was living in upstate new york, I came home from school and on the news there was a mass school shooting at columbine high school in colorodo. Two students went into the school that day and open fire killing classmates and then in the end the shooters ended up killing them selves. At that time I thought that was so terrible and awful that had happened.

I was under the impression that it would not happen again, then of course there were many more school shootings since. Now its fourteen years later and there has been another school shooting in the state of colorodo this time in Centennial Colorodo in arapahoe county which is also near Columbine. So far reports surfaced that two students were injured and then the shooter died from self inflicted and gun shot wounds.

This story has been heard one too many times in my lifetime, it so much that goes on in this world that it makes my head spin. December 14th marks the …

Let it Reign

December 13th was just a ordinary day for many of us, some was getting ready for school, work or just enjoying another friday. and low and behold Mrs Carter Knowles aka Beyonce has dropped an unexpected visual album to the masses on Itunes. The beehive is in a frenzy with this new album from the Queen B. It seems that she has followed the trend of her husband Jay Z, he dropped a album back in the summer only after a month of anouncing that he was coming with new collection of songs. And Samsung company brought a million copies of the album and release it to users of samsung phones on july fourth 2013. The Carters have decided to make their own rules when it comes to releasing albums in this era, the old way of presenting music to the masses does not work like it use to. So far I have heard some snippets of the album and from what I have heard it seem to be alright so far I am getting a mellow vibe. I read some review from others some is loving and some hate, either way she us talking…

Chain of fools......Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is in full effect and for those of you who don't know what cuffing season is, well here is a brief definition:

During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be "Cuffed" or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed-- Urban Dictionary

Okay let that marinate....Okay you got it? good, to elaborate some people only want to be bothered when the air is crisp and the wood is burning in the fireplace. Love is okay from October to early march, or depending on the situation cuffing season ends right after valentines day, Ironic I know.

Two people come together and spend their winter months together, because I guess that is the only time of year people get lonely. The loneliness magically goes away when the temperature rises and outdoor actives are in full effect.


Extended Play

I remember growing up awaiting for albums (for those of us who remember vinyl) CD's, Cassettes whatever I was able to afford to drop on super Tuesday (music still comes out on that day but back in the day it was called super Tuesday). I just remember that feeling of going to record store and getting my music pick of the moment and listening to the new LP (long play of a artist studio album average about 45 minutes in play). Now we are approaching 2014 and in the a age of internet and social media we no longer have to wait for a artist official LP to come out.

EP (Extended Play) is what today's, current artist is bringing to the masses a lot of up and coming artist are presenting the EP before their official studio release comes to out. I must say that I am loving this trend, just like in hip hop artist of that genre have what the streets call mixtapes. I know the music industry is not what it use to be in terms of sales, budgets and marketing. This is  a great outlet for arti…

I don’t see nothing wrong……Well I do

I was reading a article on website, and the title of article is “Why does anyone still thinks it’s okay to listen to R.Kelly” by XOJANE (another site that have articles featured on Clutch site) I have been waiting to read a article like this for a long time, its a question I have asked many times regarding this man.

R.Kelly has been a national recording since I was eleven years old, there was always a creep factor about this man I seen it then but could not quite articulate what it was back then. I never really got into R. Kelly’s music; I remember when the twelve play album came out when I was in sixth or seventh grade. All the girls were talking about this twelve play album and someone asked me what did I think about his album? I simply replied I don’t have it, don’t’ want it and the strange looks I received after that comment you would have thought that I killed a kitten.

Now grant it around the same time Aaliyah was out and yes she was unfortunately u…

Farewell Mr.Walker

The shot heard around the world this past weekend was the sudden death of actor Paul Walker, who most was notably known as character "Brian O' Connor" from the fast and furious movie franchise and I love those movies.  Paul and friend was killed in car crash on November 30 2013 just a few days after the thanksgiving holiday. When I heard the news I was immediately saddened along with the rest of his fans across the world. Paul was the matinee idol of my generation, he was our James dean, Paul Newman, Clark Cable of this time period. I have been a long time fan of his films and even though I did not know him he seem to be a very likeable person. He died young he just celebrated his 4oth birthday this past September. To many forty may seem old but when a person life is cut at that age we soon realize that is way to young to die. One thing I know is that life is short and want to say that I am grateful for my family, friends, place of employment and being able to live, tal…

Still down…….Twenty years and counting

September 1993 ABC network debut a sitcom called Thea, A show about a single mother raising four children on her own. There was one particular episode where Thea had concert tickets to an old Motown revival. She worked as a cashier at the local grocery store and in this episode there was a mother in the line who was trying to checkout but she could not afford the groceries, Thea felt badly for the mother being that she was a single mother as well raising children. So Thea decides to raffle her concert tickets off so the lady could feed her children. Later on in the show Thea goes home and the children finds out about her selling the tickets and decide to perform a concert for her in the living room. When it came time for her daughter to sing; I remember sitting with my family and my mother saying we need to watch out for that girl. And she was right Thea ended up being canceled, however the young lady who portrayed Thea daughter “Danisha” was none other than Brandy Norwood.

Summer 1…

They don't like us....Part I

"I already told my daughters if your black the Black man dont want you… Be single and don’t marry until the Lord sends a man your way…. That is all"

 We are truly living in some sad times, what spark that statement above is a rebuttal to a article written by a African American male who shared his distaste of African American women in the united states. The commenter who made the statement above made many remarks towards the article but the last sentence of her article made me sad. In today world being a woman of color is not easy especially when comes to dating and settling down.

Being a African American women the odds are truly against us, AA women are being lump into the same categorey of being thug loving, baby having, gold digging, angry, bitter, jealous whores. And these are statements made by AA men, For some reason a couple of bad relationships with some women, got us all generalized into these catergories.

It's too much I try not to let it bother me however its…

Back in the Day: Jodeci Diary of a mad band

Well if anyone knows me they know that I love music, I have been a lover of music since I was a small child days of being home and listening to Anita baker singing caught up in the rapture on WBLK 93.7 FM. As I got older I had my own walkman and started to get cassette tapes. In 1993 twenty years ago (wow) one of my favorite music groups at the time was Jodeci, that year the group was at their peak and current single they had out was the remake of the Stevie Wonder song "lately" in that same year the group release their second album that was a well produced album for that time period and that genre of music.
The album is called "Diary of a mad band"  written and produced by band member DeVante Swing. Singles off the album included"Cry for you, Feenin and what about us?." At the time I was only twelve when the album came out, Jodeci music was heavy on adult themes in their songs. I may not have fully understood the lyrics in dept but I have a different e…

S--t is real

Well early this year rapper rick ross was shot at and crashed his car after leaving a club, this past week rapper 2 Chainz was a victim of attempted robbery in the bay area (San Francisco) at first the rapper denied that he was robbed but now that security footage has surfaced he rapping a different tune.

"I saw the gun before I saw him ... It was so heavy he couldn't really hold it ... the gun was so big, that's what made me take off running."~ 2 Chainz  (via TMZ).

Of course comments followed making fun of the rapper and how he ran and blah blah. Let me say this I was born and raised in the ghetto of east Buffalo NY. If someone pulls a gun out, you don't stand there and look cute you haul ass and that exactly what 2 chainz did and I don't blame him for running, street life ain't no joke people out here is hungry and now that we are in the age of I don't give a f--k state of mind these artist has to be more careful.

On flip side of that rappers are…

It's hair people

I may have mentioned before and I will say it again I love reading blogs on a daily bases they are awesome, reading is fundamental. However sometimes there is a constant theme on popular african american blogs towards women. Natural hair vs Permed or weaved hair, I must say that this topic is boring and tired of the debates. This will be the first and last post about it. Natural Hair:  It think its awesome that my sistas are embracing the natural hair, it think natural hair is beautiful and wonderful. Here is my gripe, just a becuase woman decides to wear a weave or keep a perm does not mean she trying to obtain a european, look it also does not mean that becuase you wear a natural style you are superior above those who don't.  At the end of the day its a hairstyle and choice that's all. And  it does not always mean healthy either, Through out childhood and majority of my adulthood i've had long hair with a perm and without a perm and no I did not get a perm at two, I was…

Ratchet Times

Now that I am in my thirties I realize that there are some things in pop culture that are starting to annoy me. At one point in time I was a pop culture junkie, however in the age of social media certain things are over kill. And what is in overkill right now is the word ratchet, I guess ratchet is new term for saying ghetto and that word wasn't any better. Now let me say this I am not some stuck up bougie princess by any means, but I  am a grown woman who would like for once to have a conversation or read something with out hearing or seeing the word ratchet. I got it at first it was funny but I didn't think it would  be apart of our daily conversation. When your talking to someone and they say "That bitch is ratchet" and that's when I scratch my head and think hmm you just referred to this person as a bitch and ratchet in the same sentence and that makes you the  voice of reason, yeah okay. I know I don't always speak the kings english, but I do try to wat…

To live and die for hip-Hop

Last week I wrote a post about the death of Chris Kelly, 1/2 of the 90's duo Kris Kross, at the time of the post I was not sure what the cause of death was at the time. A couple days later it was revealed that Kelly died of a drug overdose of cocaine and heroin (speedball). So sad that this young man life was cut short due to drug use. In today's current state of hip hop music the drug culture is celebrated now more than ever. When I was growing up it was the drug dealer who turned rapper that made songs speaking about the ills of street life. Now on the flip side of that it's the user who making songs talking about drinking sizzurp (codeine mixed with soda) and popping mollies (a mixture of drugs in one capulet). Every time I watch a video or hear a song there is always a mention of these types of drugs that are used in a rap verse. I was born in the eighties and grew up in the nineties and I remember when the crack epidemic first hit and groups like Public enemy, NWA, a…

Watch what you say

In the United States of America we have freedom of speech, where we have the right to say what we feel. Recently rap artist Rick Ross and Lil Wayne lost their endorsement deals with Reebok and Mountain Dew over controversial lyrics. Ross loss his sneaker deal for this line "Puta Molly all up in her champagne. . .I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it"  To break it down he basically put a drug in a woman drink took her home and had his way. That what the song implies, no matter how you slice it that is date rape. Mr. Ross gave a half ass apology and so protesters went after Reebok to drop him and eventually they did.

The line that caused Lil Wayne his deal with mountain dew "Beat that p---y up like Emmett Till."; Back story on this line, Emmet Till was African American teenager from Chicago who was visiting family in Mississippi in 1955 Emmett did something that was not allowed back than he flirted with a white woman by whistling at her. Becaus…

Good Morning

The debate has begun about the morning after pill that is now available to be sold over the counter. Some see it as a good idea and some see it as a bad idea. Folks we need to wake up and realize, teenagers are not going to stop having sex get over it and further more everyone is not going to use protection and that is with kids and adults. I look at the morning after pill to be another precaution, because accidents happen and like I said above protection isn't always going to be used. Parents need to step up and stop ducking the issue and have real mature dialogue with their kids about sexual activity. Of course we all want children to wait until they are older, mature and with the right person to engage in sexual activity. And some will follow that path and some will not. Either way talk to your children, we are in the Internet age there are all sort of tools to help get conversation going.

Totally Crossed Out--R.I.P Chris Kelly

it's the quicka rippa ripper
Known to flip a script like it ain't notin' All ya MC's that used to MCs better duck an' Run an' hide cause it's too late to try to make it right Ya just messed up and I ain't tryin' to let ya slide Cause I ain't the one for that I ain't the one that slack I'm the Miggida-Miggida-Mac pack and I ain't takin' jack I don't care who you get or who ya wit' Just know you won't be equipped to what it takes to break this krossed out kid I've got deez off dout clout cause I'm deez off doubt I'm bad suckas if ya wanna know what I'm talkin about So lay your cards on the table cause I'm able to rock When ever, where ever I still rocks the cradle Cause i'm a nappy happy bad little sun-of-a-gun And in my eyes, nigga, you don't want none Cause on the mike I get dum-ditty ditty-dum So watcha back when I say here it comes

I know you hear me comin here I come So you besta watch ya …


Dating in the 21st century is interesting, you meet someone who you think is cool and compatible able to relate to and just enjoy that person company. You spend most of your time with this person and may even share a intimate relationship with them. And when your friend ask so are you two boyfriend and girlfriend. The general answer is we are just kicking it or we just got a "situation" going. And then there are the infamous pet names; Wifey, boo thang. jump off, side chicks, bottom b--tch, main chick. You notice most of these names are in regards to women, a male can be a boo thang, jump off. However its most common for a man to call a woman that he seeing these things, I myself find that to be annoying as hell, its either we boyfriend and girlfriend or nothing at all. It's no longer we are dating as I mentioned before the more popular term of today is we are in a situation. But then there is, no one should have a tittle or be labeled we live in a different time no need…

Why you don't like me?

(Rihanna (l) and Ciara (R) backstage @ MTV Total request 2008)
Spring 1998: two teenage girls came together and made a song, that song was called "The boy is mine" The two teenage girls who made that song is Brandy & Monica. Prior to making that song it was widely speculated that Brandy & Monica didn't like each other, it was a lot of he said she said back and forth on radio and in the magazines (before twitter). Come to find out they didn't really now each other, When it came time for brandy to record her second album "Never say never" (such a awesome album by the way) she wrote a song and realized it would work better as a duet, she called up Monica and said I got song need your voice come to the studio (may not been those exact words) and then history was made.

The song spent 13weeks at #1 on billboard top 200, earned the ladies their first gram my and we all know that they made a shit load of money.  But rumor has it the two got into a fight bac…

The World is yours.....

Sip the Dom P, watchin Gandhi til I'm charged
Then writin in my book of rhymes, all the words pass the margin
To hold the mic I'm throbbin, mechanical movement
Understandable smooth shit that murderers move wit
The thief's theme, play me at night, they won't act right
The fiend of hip-hop has got me stuck like a crack pipe
The mind activation, react like I'm facin time like
'Pappy' Mason with pens I'm embracin
Wipe the sweat off my dome, spit the phlegm on the streets
Suede Timb's on my feets, makes my cypher, complete
Whether crusin in a Sikh's cab, or Montero Jeep
I can't call it, the beats make me fallin asleep
I keep fallin, but never fallin six feet deep
I'm out for presidents to represent me (Say what?)
I'm out for presidents to represent me (Say what?)
I'm out for dead presidents to represent me

The World is Yours~1994 (Illmatic)

April 19th 1994: during that time I was a sixth grader attending Build Academy grade school, most young girls …

Real N---a: What happen to real men

I am proud to be a black woman and I love my black people with that being said I am so tired hearing the line "I am a real ni--a or these ni--as ain't real" I am tired of hearing it in music, movies and seeing it on facebook etc. Ideally why would any one want to be a real nigga, I hate that we took that word and made it a term if endearment. If I say it it nothing endearing about it when I say it, i try not to use in my vocabulary and for the most part I don't. And if anybody reading this thinking she is bougie or stuck up, your wrong I am neither I am a grown woman who is tired hearing  grown men and women talk like their twelve. What spark this post is a comment made by Drake " At one point the woman he loves fell into my lap and I did what a real nigga would do and treated her with respect." Okay he made that statement and it irked me but it's the comments that followed that really pissed me off like this one "Real niggaz don't treat jumpof…

The Game new season

The sixth season of the game has started and let me start off by saying that I am deeply sad about the character "Derwin Davis" being written off the show. I love me some some Derwin, but the show must go on. Derwin played by actor Pooch Hall and Malanie played by actress Tia Mowry-Hardict is no longer apart of the cast of the game. Originally there characters was the focal point of the show, well the powers that be of the show has decided to end that storyline.
I read all the gripes and complaints from folks, oh the game has changed or the lines are dry and blah this blah that. Yes the show has changed its not on the CW network anymore it under a whole different budget. It's no longer a sitcom. Folks have to realize major networks are able to supply the bells and whistles to make a sitcom work. A channel like BET does not have the budget to do sitcoms like the major networks. They don't its a fact, look what happened to the Monique show, they tried late the nig…

R.I.P Easy E

I will never forget March 26th 1995 I had just recently celebrated my fourteenth birthday I was in seventh grade life was good. Well life was not good for everyone else, rap artist Easy E died from aids that day. We as the public only learned a  month prior that Eazy had full blown aids, his death was met with sadness, shock and confusion. Eazy is best known for being the founder of controversial group N.W.A who was popular in the late 80's and early nineties and the he became the founder of Ruthless and discovered the group Bone thugs -n- Harmony (I love those guys). With that being said Eazy E still had a impact on hip hop music and the culture. It has been eighteen years since his passing and we still ignore the affects of HIV/AIDS in the community. I thought that after his death, things were going to change and it hasn't still a lot of ignorance and carelessness is still happening. I'm not trying to preach about using protection and being smart because that should alr…

Put a ring on it

Well last night I was watching, VH1 reality show the black ink crew, and on last night's episode Puma the curator of the tattoo shop, told the other guys that he was going to purpose to his girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child. And he was met with some flack from the other fellas in the shop. The owner Cesar and Teddy was like they don't see the point in marriage it makes no sense, blah blah blah. Really can't be offended by two men who refer to the women they date as bitches, I mean they act as if there in high school chasing girls. Meanwhile Cesar is having baby mama drama and his current girlfriend just paid his child support, so he has no room to put another man down for doing the right thing which is stepping  up and being a man. The look on Puma face showed that he was disappointed by his friends. When I was younger I didn't see the point of marriage either, at one point and time the only example of marriage i seen growing up was my maternal grandpare…

Mama baby, Papa maybe....

So I was watching the most recent episode of black ink crew, and the one of the cast members Teddy was telling the boss Cesar that he may have a baby on the way. And before he told Cesar this, in his one on one he stated women have been trying to trap him and have his baby. In 2013 people still are saying they are being trapped with children. That has to be one of the dumbest things that can come out of  male or females mouth. No one gets trapped into having children, the choice was made when that person decided to lay down and not use protection. When it comes to unprotected sex everyone involved is aware of the consequences of that action. That's like the condom breaking theory, you know when two get together and the girl becomes pregnant and the excuse is the condom broke. I am not saying that condoms don't break,  I know shit happens. But we all know good and damn well that a condom was nowhere in the room in most cases. I don't believe in the baby trapping theories I …


"Your friends won't help you in a squeeze, please they got problems of their own"- The Pharcyde, Runnin 1995 That quote is from one of my favorite hip hop songs "Runnin" performed by the pharcyde, that particular line hits close to home. When I think back to a time when people took time for one another to see how a person was doing, that time was long ago. In today world conversations are through text messages and social media. Phone calls  no longer last hours and hours, 5-10 minutes max, well in my world that how long they last. Everybody is always running, I understand that we as adults have busy lives, with work, children etc. But it amazes me people don't have the time to talk in person or over the phone. Yet have all the time in the world to take pictures of what they ate at red lobster and post on facebook and instagram. It makes no sense at all to me it really don't; I often wonder when did it come to a point that and time that we as a society …

Lord can we get a break

On march 8th 2013, my cousin was shot and killed in Buffalo NY he was only twenty two years old.  His life was cut short over what? I am not sure, however I guarantee it was not worth taking his life. I just read article about six month old who was shot five times over some gang related bullshit in the city of Chicago. A few weeks ago a young lady name Hadiya was shot and killed and recently laid to rest in that same city. When are we going to get a break? when will these fools grow a conscience and stop killing there own brothers and sisters? We get on our knees and prey every day for a better tomorrow. Sometimes I wonder if our prayers are getting heard it don't seem like it, right now I am working on my individual path with GOD. And during our talks I ask when will we get a break? the world is in pain right now and my community is being affected the worst. I am of tired getting phone calls says so and so was just shot. Or reading on facebook rest in paradise, you was the reales…

Single, Black & Female: The dating fiasco

I am a blog lover, seven days a week I am reading a blog its the greatest thing that happen to the Internet. Majority of the blogs I read is geared towards African American female readers and in these blogs there are numerous posts about the dilemma of the single black female in America. This topic has been done to death, and most them has the tone of its all our faults that we are single. According to the authors the black woman problem is: she overweight, she has a attitude problem, standards are two  high, too independent, needs to date outside her race, so on and so forth. And the majority of the authors who post these blogs are men because they understand what it is like to be  a woman and feel they need to tell us its all our fault that we are single and that we are going to die that way. I say that is a crock of shit, yes I am single, i would love to meet a great guy and spend my life with him, but the dice don't always roll that way. It will happen when its time, in the m…