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Food for Thoughts: Have a Nice Day

Irony has a weird way of showing up during unfortunate circumstances, last Sunday I was texting with a friend and the conversation wasn’t really going anywhere. I said well I could change the subject, but didn’t see no reason to, so I said to my friend enjoy your week, my friend took that as me being funny for some reason and that was not the case at all. I even replied I was not being funny, well that fell on death ears. Well allow me to explain I simply said enjoy your week due to fact that I probably was not going to speak to this person on the phone or text this past week. I was being honest with myself so I said enjoy your week and that what I meant because you never know what can happen these days. This past week two national shootings occurred one in Oregon and one in Connecticut. Up until these incidents occurred people in those areas was probably having a good week, In Oregon people was going to the mall getting ready for the holiday season buying gifts. The unthinkable hap…