My World My Way

I think i have finally reached my breaking point as far as where I want my life to go. I made the big move from east coast to west coast in 2010, awesome, in 2007 I received my Bachelors degree, great. Here my issue I am not satisfied, I have a job in this terrible economy, I am grateful and I know many would like to have employment. However my job is what I call the cube life (I sit at a cubical). Honestly my focus has not been at work, I go there and start to daydream about what I should be doing or sometimes just random things silly things. That's how I know that it's time to quit playing games and stop living in fear of failure and go after what I want. The number one priority is getting my career in order and that's being in media production, right now I am in the baby stages of organizing and creating a video portfolio to showcase my work to potential productions companies as well as create a name for myself. My Health is another goal I want to get that in order and I am doing my best to exercise and eat better, in my thirties now so I have to get it together my friends, its time to start doing things my way


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