Lone Star Part 1

As a child growing up I've pretty much have kept to myself I do have siblings and yes I did played with them. However as we got older they started to do their own thing and I guess you can say I pretty much did my own thing as well. During my grade school-Jr high years periodically I would hang out with friends go to parties etc. High school somewhat i went to what we call all high parties where all the high schools in the area would have a quarterly social event, but i was always would be by myself. Some people would say I have a wall up and I don't let others get close. Or Maybe i was just too caught up in my own world to let others in. I am pretty much friendly with everyone i interact and work with on a daily basis. I never really had a steady group of girlfriends, like alot of women do, i never really had that type of connection, I remember when I was working at this one company back in my hometown, I guess you can say i was apart of a clique well not really. I had two of my coworkers invite me out to some of their parties, and some club events. And then their friends would come along so it would be a whole group of us. As time went on I wasn't going to many events with them, sometimes I just wouldn't be in the mood or may not have the right outfit to wear or had other plans. And once again I was pulling back from the crowd, and once again I ending up on my own. I am not blaming anyone for being a loner, but that just how it ends up for me. I'll have a good thing going with people and then back to square one.


Anonymous said…
Though I do like having friends and appreciate the ones in my life, I do tend to be a loner as well, so I can completely relate.
Tashema said…
Sorry for for the late reply I been busy with life i guess (lol). But i am getting back to keeping this blog current. Yes I am a loner and being in Arizona at times its like I thought originally iwas escaping that life but what i am learning sometimes a person has to be alone to acomplish and get what they want out of life so when the time comes I can be surrounded by people that will let me be me.

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