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Lone Star Part 1

As a child growing up I've pretty much have kept to myself I do have siblings and yes I did played with them. However as we got older they started to do their own thing and I guess you can say I pretty much did my own thing as well. During my grade school-Jr high years periodically I would hang out with friends go to parties etc. High school somewhat i went to what we call all high parties where all the high schools in the area would have a quarterly social event, but i was always would be by myself. Some people would say I have a wall up and I don't let others get close. Or Maybe i was just too caught up in my own world to let others in. I am pretty much friendly with everyone i interact and work with on a daily basis. I never really had a steady group of girlfriends, like alot of women do, i never really had that type of connection, I remember when I was working at this one company back in my hometown, I guess you can say i was apart of a clique well not really. I had two of…

2012 the end of the world as we know they say

Time is sure going by fast it is about to be 2012 and according the the Mayans calender life will not go on beyond 2012. Okay so they could not see past the year 2012, so the perception is that the world will end after 2012, so the destruction of world takes place approximately at 11:59pm 2012. Could it be that from the logic of the Mayans 2012 is the end of era, a end to a certain way of life? Thats how i look at it, to me it means yes a change is going to occur and not the end of time. So It could be the end of the world we know it as far what's goes on in our day to day; how we think, how we act, how we live is going to change. 2012 could mean the balance of power is shifting, climate, economy, education, personal beliefs, different agenda is no longer to be conducted in the same manner as before. So instead of wondering how the world will end, we should wonder how the world is going to continue.