All my single ladies Part II

I am a single black women and they say are standards are to high and we should lower them, I wouldnt say lower them but compromise. Okay i have nothing against interacial dating i am for it when it comes to me. But not all black women are and they should not be chastise for it. Becuase they dont want to date outside their race, why should they have too? Not all of us are chasing the athletes and rappers. It seems to me there is alot of finger pointing going on basically saying its our fault lets look at the big picture here.

Our men see us as:
-Hard to deal with
-Not submissive enough
-Too many issues.
-They say we are materialistic
-We dont know how to keep a man
-Some of us have to many children (i wonder why that is)
-Were more worried about careers then taking care of our men
-We dont listen

Everything listed above are some of the reason why black women are single according to black male bloggers. So those list of items is why i am single...Hmm that is a crock of shit. I am single becuase i am not going to settle on any man and no my standards arent too high. For the simple fact i work in customer service and make didly squat so wanting a baller is not the object of my affection. That not even a realistic goal. I am single becuase my priorities needs to be in better place. Do I want to have a successful career? Hell to the yeah, Would i like to settle down with a man? Yes I would. Its all about choices and to be honest for a black female living in a black communtity our choices are limited it may suck to here that fellas but its true.

They say us black women limited ourselves how can we not becuase in todays black culture our black men limit there potential to be and do better. So as a people how can we grow together if we dont make the right choices. We need to stop pointing the finger, get pass the bullshit and bring back black love.....


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