2009.....End of an ERA

Well folks 09 is a rap thank God, it was a lot of ups and downs this year lets see the ups this Year:

The First Black President: Go Barack
Borack get Nobel Prize
I went to Pheonix Twice: Go ME
The Movie Precious kick ass at the box office
I laugh till i cried watching the Hangover
Saw old friends made new ones
Facebook is poppin
The Blueprint 3 came out: love that shit
I am now apart production company Knuckle City Films: YAY
The Cleveland Show: Hilarious for real

Well to be honest it was more down than ups so here we go:
A Plane crashed in Buffalo NY
The Recession: Everyone and their mama is broke
H1N1 swine flu: You sneeze one time and someone swear you had the swine
Hip-Hop: sucked
Michael Jackoson died: WTF that really sucked
Farah Fawcett: WTF
ED McMahon:WTF
DJ AM: Survived a plane crash and dies from overdose a yr later WTF
Senator Ted Kennedy Died: WTF
Brittany Murphy: Okay thats the straw that broke camel back....Rolling with the homies...
My dating life sucked cause it dont exist
Media obessed stories took over
Tiger Woods showed his true colors and was cracked upside the head....
Violence in the urban communities is getting worse
My Cousin was killed over nonsense
16yr chicago Teen Derion Albert was beaten to death on camera for not joining a gang
and the list goes on.....

Overall 2009 was an interesting year....Come on in 2010


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