Skinny Jeans

Well there been a big debate about skinny jeans on men and here is my two cents about it. Well it like this im not a hater i like kid cudi he wear skinny jeans okay anyway with that. My thing about skinny is this your a man and you wear skinny jeans fine, but please understand that if you going to rock them pull them up over your ass. They alrighty tight mind as well pull them up and let them be tight all over keep it funky. It look silly to sag in tight ass pants with the booty poking out that not hot. Especially when its a group of y'all at a club or event and you and your boys standing in a huddle with your booty out not cool. Honestly whats wrong with regular fitting pants there not baggy or skinny their regular fit. So stop the madness and pull your pants up whether in skinny or baggy it getting out of control.


Anonymous said…
I can't stand sagging when people wear baggy jeans, and I can't stand it even more when they sag skinny jeans. It's so ridiculous.

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