To Aaliyah with Love

August 25th 2001 eight years ago today Aaliyah Dana Haughton was killed in a plane crash at the age of Twenty two. For me that was a very sad day Aaliyah was one of my all time favorite artist. I started listening to her music at 13, I thought it was to cool at the time finally have artist who was around my age making good music and representing young women in a positive way. It was cool to see that, she was beautiful talented individual. I really enjoyed her music I miss her alot, so on this day i choose remember for her the artist she was. One Love to you Aaliyah (forever on rotation in the Ipod)

"I think Aaliyah was an incredible artist. This is one artist who stayed true to who she was. She had her own style, her own vibe. She was just amazing. She actually was the artist to start it off for me. She started the whole era of young girls coming out." --Brandy


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