Big Girls Need Love too: Women need love

That same ole saying big girls need love....I absolutely hate that saying from the bottom of my heart. I am a big girl let me rephrase that i am a woman that overweight, thick, big boned whatever you want to call it. More to love, why is it that we "big girls" have to be placed in a special catergory like we just a different breed or something. I don't need love just cause im big i need love just becuase i am human and i deserve. Particular the saying is mostly heard from males, Ironic huh? I heard guys say that quote in work, at school on the bus etc. Usually there are a punchline or laughter behind it. What led me to this is that i was on another blog and this dude was giving reason why a big women need love, I know it was his way of giving props and i appreciate that, but his reasons overall did not quite say hay they are as beautiful as a women of any size. We need love becuase we deserve love too, don't treat us like another species.

We all need love


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