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Fly Away

Well once again I have Mr Jackson on the site what can i say im a fan what you want from me. Anyway this weekend would have been Michael 51 birthday, So much done happen this summer. I lost my cousin (R.I.P Jamal Palmer) to senseless violence, people dying every day in my city. Loss of the world greatest entertainer, earlier this week it was reported that Michael death was ruled a homicide and that it self was a down. I know all the reports about the drugs and blah blah i am not saying we should not talk about it but it's time to let it rest he not here anymore what more do you want from this man let him be. Happy Birthday Mike J (R.I.P)


To Aaliyah with Love

August 25th 2001 eight years ago today Aaliyah Dana Haughton was killed in a plane crash at the age of Twenty two. For me that was a very sad day Aaliyah was one of my all time favorite artist. I started listening to her music at 13, I thought it was to cool at the time finally have artist who was around my age making good music and representing young women in a positive way. It was cool to see that, she was beautiful talented individual. I really enjoyed her music I miss her alot, so on this day i choose remember for her the artist she was. One Love to you Aaliyah (forever on rotation in the Ipod)

"I think Aaliyah was an incredible artist. This is one artist who stayed true to who she was. She had her own style, her own vibe. She was just amazing. She actually was the artist to start it off for me. She started the whole era of young girls coming out." --Brandy

Saga Continues

Two Months from today Michael Jackson passed away and of course they not gon let the man rest in peace. As of late his death has been ruled a homicide, so it's like as if he died again. He finally getting buried on sept. 3, to me this went from being sad to surreal. I don't know what to say now, he was murdered i can't believe it ended for him like this. Eight years ago today Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash and in seventeen days is the eighth aniversary of sept 11th. Eight years later here i am blogging about Michael Jackson death. This is so unbelievable his death is one thing but now he was killed......The Saga continues

Big Girls Need Love too: Women need love

That same ole saying big girls need love....I absolutely hate that saying from the bottom of my heart. I am a big girl let me rephrase that i am a woman that overweight, thick, big boned whatever you want to call it. More to love, why is it that we "big girls" have to be placed in a special catergory like we just a different breed or something. I don't need love just cause im big i need love just becuase i am human and i deserve. Particular the saying is mostly heard from males, Ironic huh? I heard guys say that quote in work, at school on the bus etc. Usually there are a punchline or laughter behind it. What led me to this is that i was on another blog and this dude was giving reason why a big women need love, I know it was his way of giving props and i appreciate that, but his reasons overall did not quite say hay they are as beautiful as a women of any size. We need love becuase we deserve love too, don't treat us like another species.

We all need love

MJ Moment

MJ Moments some of my favorite Mj that going to be shown on this website quite often so dont hate. Anyway here is the clip of behind the scenes off the Bad Tour from 88-89 that aired on MTV back when it was an actual music channel that was the shit back in the day take it away MJ...


P.S The BAD Era Mike was fine as hell can't front

WU-Tang Clan aint nothing to F--k with

For those of you that have been keeping up with the Joe Budden Vs. The Wu-Tang clan the saga continues. Well it all started with Joe Budden throwing shots at the Method Man inregards to the Vibe top rappers i wont go into that. Well meth and joe got a chance to squash their beef during the rock the bells festival but Raekwon on the other hand well he was like to hell with that. So here what happened I guess Joe was about to start doing his video bloging Mickey Factz was there and Rae came with some of his dudes come thru you know see whats up. An altercation took place with Rae goon hitting Joe it was based off this comment
:"Method Man, I apologize…but anybody else associated with that n—a, who feels like my name can just roll out of their f—ing mouth…do it from now on, and it won’t be nothing Royce or Crook can do to stop what I’m gonna do"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Internet: The Dating fiasco

As a single woman in the twenty first century dating should come easy with myspace and twitter facebook etc. Not true cause in reality looking to a computer to find love is quite silly and to be honest i was one of those people tip toeing on the idea of internet dating. I actually met a couple of people threw the internet never met in person becauase honestly something just aint right about it. Can't trust internet when it comes to people, becuase the internet allows a person to create an alternate reality of who they really are. Case in point nine times that person that says there a single person on myspace or facebook may have a someone in there life i know you say well shema your status is single, and i'll say yes true indeed. They want to meet you and come stright to your house thats a no no i don't care how long how you and that person been comuincating threw the internet. first meeting not at the house don't do it for a number a reasons: Home is a personal space …