To Michael with Love

Okay i wrote a brief blog on how i felt about Michael passing well after a couple of days and going to different message boards and watching all the videos, news specials etc. It gave me time to sit and reflect, first of all let me say this Michael was always on deck in the ipod always. I was born in the 80's every aspect of my childhood Michael was apart of it. At christmas i had the doll, when the victory tour happened i had the scarfs hell for years my mother kept my sister pepsi can. My brother had a Michael Jackson watch and the beat it jacket in black. My sister melted her thriller tape, in my household we were super jackson fans. Corns flakes had the jacksons stickers in the box do you hear me the man had prizes in a cereal box. Everything this man did impacted my life for those who knows me knows that i am a music fantic part of my love of music comes from Michael. Listening to him, my mom loved the jackson family she had the jackson five albums we would sit and talk about michael and his brothers. She knew of Michael from childhood him as a little boy. Me and my siblings knew of young adult mike the glitter socks and glove, the beat it and thriller jacket watching him make the sidewalk light up moonwalking being a smooth criminal. Thats what i cherish even when the skin got lighter and the nose got smaller i still loved michael. All the allegations and charges i never believed it. When I learned of his death i was shocked and hurt, very sad. Its sad when people die but only two artists death had an impact on me which is Aaliyah and now Michael Jackson. Im sad cause he no more but what brings me comfort is that he finally in peace. I want to say to mike thank you for making me pay attention to the music and watching videos, you will forever be missed may you rest in peace.


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