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Who is it??????

Yeah i am about to blog about michael again its my site i can do that I love MJ. anybody who has a problem so what. Now its spectulation about who killed Mike. Was it an overdose? Was it doctors?. I killed Michael, you killed, the media killed michael celebrity killed michael, love killed michael, hate killed michael, life killed michael. In his darkest hour did we still care? when his skin got pale nose got smaller his actions got weirder did you care? In the united states i seen overwhelming tributes which i think is wonderful but.......Thru all he went thru in last decade or so where was the tributes then. When he was aquitted of those charges i remember seeing the support in LA i know i was happy as hell might even had bust a move. But where was the out show of support, when they was chanting wacko jacko where were the voices defending him. When he held his son over the balcony we dimissed as him being crazy. When he talked about doing a comeback album i heard more doubts then che…

To Michael with Love

Okay i wrote a brief blog on how i felt about Michael passing well after a couple of days and going to different message boards and watching all the videos, news specials etc. It gave me time to sit and reflect, first of all let me say this Michael was always on deck in the ipod always. I was born in the 80's every aspect of my childhood Michael was apart of it. At christmas i had the doll, when the victory tour happened i had the scarfs hell for years my mother kept my sister pepsi can. My brother had a Michael Jackson watch and the beat it jacket in black. My sister melted her thriller tape, in my household we were super jackson fans. Corns flakes had the jacksons stickers in the box do you hear me the man had prizes in a cereal box. Everything this man did impacted my life for those who knows me knows that i am a music fantic part of my love of music comes from Michael. Listening to him, my mom loved the jackson family she had the jackson five albums we would sit and talk about…

Who Got The Props

Madonna another music icon showed love to another Icon the one and only Michael Jackson at her concert in london at the O2 arena the same place where Mike was going to have his last concert. She had a great inpersonator which was Awesome, even thou there are haters out there, millions more showing love and support to Michael Jackson. I think it's great that an artist like Madonna showed love to Michael like they pretty much was the 80's i mean it was their decade but check out the performance below........