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Man in the Mirror

June 25 2009 The King of pop Micheal Jackson Passes away i can't say the words to express how i feel. i was and still am a proud Micheal Jackson fan, I was born and raised in the micheal jackson era and loved it. I don't care if you sing good or dance well no one could touch Mr. Jackson My thoughts and prayers are with Michael and his family RIP

And despite all the charges and accusations I always believed in you mike r.i.p

Also RIP To Farah Fawcett (charlies angel)

Nothin like the old school

Last thursday i got to relive apart of my childhood i got to enjoy the live tunes of "Lady love" letoya luckett the original light skin boy AL B Sure (still fine) and and the wonderful and beautiful Ginuwine. It was good a concert despite what everyone say Letoya is good artist that was the second time i seen her and she don't need beyonce yes she still the underdog and when people ask me about the concert basically everyone said she a nobody and i kinda felt like that aint cool. Letoya out Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. So Letoya keep doing ur thing. Al B Sure still can hit the notes afterwhile he would get off the stage but he did a good job and it was nice to see his son and Nite and Day is Still the shit love it. Ginuwine first of let me say he like fine wine he gets better with age for real i mean dam he look good. His set was good only thing he sing hard so he got horse and he did not do pony but really he could have just stood there i would have been cool bu…

A New Crush.....A Kid name Cudi

Dear Kid Cudi
How do i say thee let me count the ways i have a crush on you at first it was about the music Day n Nite is always stay on repeat in the ipod. I think your cool i think your fly. You need a chick that is laid back that chick is me so expect to see me in cleveland looking for you to be your next superboo

Forever and always the complex one


P.S I'm just playing but check it you are a cutie.....Tyson Chandler next

Video Throwback: Summer 96

Summer 1996 the olympics was going i was about to enter my freshman year of high school. One thing I remember about that summer is hip-hop was on point Tupac All eyez on me was poppin and lets not forget the whole east vs west war going on. But there was young man i remember well maybe cause i had crush on him. His name is Shyheim he made his debut in 1993 with the rugged child then came back in 1996 with the lost generation (one of my fave hip-hop albums) so todays video i present to you is "Shaolin Style" feat. Method Man

Life I wonder part 1

As a child growing up you were told go to school and get your education with that you'll be able to unlock the key to success. Okay well i'm about to start bitchin, first and foremost let me say this i am so so grateful for my college education don't get it twisted. My issue is why does these company don't want to take the time to train and give college grads a chance? why are most internships for college students. I have no problem being a intern now i have a regualar 9-5 so all i want is the experience i feel that people out school should still have those intern/appentice opportunities as well.