Broke Girl Diaries: Chapter 2 "Broke on a friday"

It like this it's friday night i am sitting here blogging listening to 3 doors down "loser" so what does that tell you about me. Well I am broke what else i am going to do hop in the cab and go clubbing. Not tonight we in a recession but i been in a my own personal recession for while now and trying to figure out a way to make progress. I want to get out my city becuase there is no progression here, sorry but my city been in a recession for years and we pretty much hit rock bottom and it seems like were going to be there for a while. I am a college graduate working in customer service, now don't get me wrong I am grateful and blessed to have a job. But damn you spend all that time getting a education to come out and do customer service dealing with irate customers who bitch and moan about how much money they spend on their shit OMG. It's enough to make you want to holler, but it the way it is right now.

So i am going to make the most out of this friday


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