Broke Girl Diaries: Chapter 1 sneaker addiction

Sneakers ruined my life it started when i was four or five i got my first pair of nikes they was blue and check this out the swoosh change colors (tear roles down eye) they was awesome oh so awesome i would wear them right now if could find them. Any who it started then, while most little girls was into shoes and purses i was all about the sneakers. I went threw a period of rocking the payless sneakers oh they may have been payless but you best believe that i had the best damn payless sneakers out the store homie. later years of grade school i got back with the name brand break up to make up what can i say. I remember sitting in class staring at kids feet wanting their sneakers. My cousin back in the day had a mean sneaker game her kicks was always on point. You see i wasn't the richest the kid my mom did her best to keep name brand sneakers on our feet and i can't complain but as kid i got sneakers but it never was more than one pair at a time. I wanted to have 3 pair of sneakers at a time or at least the latest style but i did not quite work like that for me. You know how hard is watching your friends walk in class with the new jordans on. So when i finally got a job it was on and poppin two pairs of kicks every two weeks. So i know your asking Shema you grown as hell why talking about sneaker and childhood. Well living in this current recession I feel like that kid in class again. I have not had a pair of sneakers in a year like imagine Paris hilton not been being able to buy prada tragic i know. But damn it i want a pair of sneakers. they ruined my life.......

......Oh and by way the Nikes are my favs I done did the fila treatment rock the three stripes wore the pumas I will say this and probably catch flack I have never been a Reebok Broad (i'm sorry) I did not do the 54.11.


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