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R&B videos series

Let's take a trip way back to 1993, today video throwback is from the orginal bad boy's of R&B Jodeci. This is the remake of stevie wonder "lately" jodeci sang their rendition of the song on the 1993 MTV unplugged uptown special. With over whelming reception from the public they made a studio version with a video release in black and white here is jodeci "lately" enjoy

Video throwback

The year 1996 ( I love that year) my tender roni days the video I present to you is Mona Lisa "you said" off her 96 debut "11-20-79". One of my all time favorite cds and one slept on cd at that. Here is mona lisa with you said


How hard would you go????


**=Not actual word use your imagination

So okay I am getting off from work on a sunday grab the cell called up my homegirl cause one i miss the bus and two it sunday the bus wait is longer. So i called her and decided to cut the wait time down i walk to the chinese spot so i am walking and talking shooting the shit. So i get to the chinese spot and aproach the counter i am still on the phone and all here on the other end is "oh shit" the phone hangs up so I order my food and call her right back she picks up the phone and is like "oh my God" I'm like what happen she like "i drop my *my cigar*" so i am standing like what "she like this is not good. It fell on the side of the stove", so okay i get my food proceed to walk toward the bus stop. I'm talki…

Broke Girl Diaries: Chapter 2 "Broke on a friday"

It like this it's friday night i am sitting here blogging listening to 3 doors down "loser" so what does that tell you about me. Well I am broke what else i am going to do hop in the cab and go clubbing. Not tonight we in a recession but i been in a my own personal recession for while now and trying to figure out a way to make progress. I want to get out my city becuase there is no progression here, sorry but my city been in a recession for years and we pretty much hit rock bottom and it seems like were going to be there for a while. I am a college graduate working in customer service, now don't get me wrong I am grateful and blessed to have a job. But damn you spend all that time getting a education to come out and do customer service dealing with irate customers who bitch and moan about how much money they spend on their shit OMG. It's enough to make you want to holler, but it the way it is right now.

So i am going to make the most out of this friday

What's going on

If you look at the picture above you see a beautiful women not familar with this face well she is an international singer Nadja Benaissa. Well according to reports the singer has been arrested for allegedly apreading the decease known as HIV with at least three different partners. She was arrested in a german night club, of all the places to get arrested for spreading HIV a night club what are the odds.

Here is my two cents not I am not passing judgement it like this in this day and age HIV is a live and well and people are still having unprotected sex with one another like it is all good. I don't her or her situtation all I can say is us better judge ment when it come to your partner.

Broke Girl Diaries: Chapter 1 sneaker addiction

Sneakers ruined my life it started when i was four or five i got my first pair of nikes they was blue and check this out the swoosh change colors (tear roles down eye) they was awesome oh so awesome i would wear them right now if could find them. Any who it started then, while most little girls was into shoes and purses i was all about the sneakers. I went threw a period of rocking the payless sneakers oh they may have been payless but you best believe that i had the best damn payless sneakers out the store homie. later years of grade school i got back with the name brand break up to make up what can i say. I remember sitting in class staring at kids feet wanting their sneakers. My cousin back in the day had a mean sneaker game her kicks was always on point. You see i wasn't the richest the kid my mom did her best to keep name brand sneakers on our feet and i can't complain but as kid i got sneakers but it never was more than one pair at a time. I wanted to have 3 pair of snea…

Oh happy day

I'll never forget that magical year 1996 who can forget the Olympics games in Atlanta; I was young foot loose and fancy free. I'll never forget the day I saw this beautiful man on my screen he was tall carmel and hair smooth like silk. He was dancing on stage yes ladies and gentlemen i am talking about the one and Ginuwine aka Elgin Lumpkin. Usher great singer and dancer but he fell off and yes Chris Beat em down Brown is one hell of a dancer but he tried to break dance on his girlfriend so he can kick rocks. Ginuwine, he is older sexier and great dancer, here his latest video "Last Chance" feat. that Other brother Tyrese (Good Lord) and Lisa Raye (ugh)

Ginuwine - Last Chance (New)
by foxysoul

Last chance will be featured on his latest album "A Man thoughts"

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