Rebirth of Cool

Today subject Mr. Kanye West everyone says oh he loosing it he dresses weird i will admit that yeah his wordrobe is crazy at times. But is also crazy to see thirty something year old men sag their jeans like it nineteen ninty two nobody call them weird (I think their weird but who i am to say anything) His hair cut okay the man has a shag. So what the big deal is it cause he go left. Everyone say he loosing it cause he lost mom. Maybe he going thru something cause he lost his mother, I lost my mom and i went thru some shit and still going thru some shit does that make me weird am i losing my mind cause my mom past. So don't blame his behavior on his mom passing if you never been in that situation you can't really say what on a person or what their going thru. Everyone upset over 808's & heartbreaks oh it not a hip-hop album he singing like T-pain so is jamie foxx but no one saying nothing about him sounding like a robot.

In conclusion cut the brother some slack


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