Just My Thoughts: Session 1

Hey in recent news we have Learned that Chris Brown cause physical harm to his girlfriend Rihanna. Now I am not calling Chris a woman beater becuase this story is still unfolding. My question is will people still support Chris Brown? Is his career in jeopardy? What going to happen to Rihanna?. Yeah i heard All the Ike and Tina and Whitney And Bobby Jokes funny. But let's be serious people this dude laid hands on a female and i been to recent blogs with such comments as "He laid the smack down", "who knew his pimp hand was strong" "damn Breezy Break danced on her ass" We can laugh and joke. But it still don't change the fact that he beat up a chick he loose mad cool points for that. I know he feeling like a dumb ass for that. His fanbase is girls young girls at that. But this probably won't change anything if anything it will make a him superduper star cause for some reason shit like that is supported. Now i know R.kelly is a whole different situation but this man has a tape out but the community still rallies around him. They going to do the same for Chris support him. Just my thoughts


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