Single ladies: A guide to being single

All my single ladies such as myself sometimes it hard being a single lady everybody wants to be loved but if you not with someone it okay here are my to steps to cope with being single:

1. Being single is okay it not the end of world it really not it may seem like it but it not.

2. Love yourself how can you love someone else if you don't love yourself

3. Don't settle for less value your worth

4. Don't let a man gas you up ladies we all have all done it. Be in control let them know from jump and they can't with that keep it movin.

5. Work out get your body and mind right and it could lead you the right guy (results may very)

6. Strenghten your independence one thing about being single it just you. So when that right relationship comes along don't become dependent.

7. Recognize game sometimes you can't, let intuition kick in he can say all the right things but it can be a load of bullshit learn to smell it.

8.If you been let down in the past don't dwell on it use it as a lesson and move on.

9. Don't use friends relationships as a blue print for what your looking for in your future relationships (Everything is not what it seems)

10. Yes you are single enjoy it and when that right man comes and he will no half stepping when it's time for that relationship. While your single have fun no matter what anyone tell you.


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