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All my single ladies Part II

I am a single black women and they say are standards are to high and we should lower them, I wouldnt say lower them but compromise. Okay i have nothing against interacial dating i am for it when it comes to me. But not all black women are and they should not be chastise for it. Becuase they dont want to date outside their race, why should they have too? Not all of us are chasing the athletes and rappers. It seems to me there is alot of finger pointing going on basically saying its our fault lets look at the big picture here.

Our men see us as:
-Hard to deal with
-Not submissive enough
-Too many issues.
-They say we are materialistic
-We dont know how to keep a man
-Some of us have to many children (i wonder why that is)
-Were more worried about careers then taking care of our men
-We dont listen

Everything listed above are some of the reason why black women are single according to black male bloggers. So those list of items is why i am single...Hmm that is a crock of shit. …

All my single ladies Part 1

I think in the past month i read about ten to twenty blogs about single black women and why we remain single. Whether we are successful with careers or just average everyday jobs there are still is a large percentage of single black women in America.
Statistics states
-42% of black women have never been married
-There are 1.8 million more black women then there are black men
-One out of twelve black women would be single should every single black women be married today
-If you eliminate black men who lack a high school diploma employment and scratch out those who are incarcerated, black women only have 54% of black men to pick.

And thats a study done by nightline.

2009.....End of an ERA

Well folks 09 is a rap thank God, it was a lot of ups and downs this year lets see the ups this Year:

The First Black President: Go Barack
Borack get Nobel Prize
I went to Pheonix Twice: Go ME
The Movie Precious kick ass at the box office
I laugh till i cried watching the Hangover
Saw old friends made new ones
Facebook is poppin
The Blueprint 3 came out: love that shit
I am now apart production company Knuckle City Films: YAY
The Cleveland Show: Hilarious for real

Well to be honest it was more down than ups so here we go:
A Plane crashed in Buffalo NY
The Recession: Everyone and their mama is broke
H1N1 swine flu: You sneeze one time and someone swear you had the swine
Hip-Hop: sucked
Michael Jackoson died: WTF that really sucked
Farah Fawcett: WTF
ED McMahon:WTF
DJ AM: Survived a plane crash and dies from overdose a yr later WTF
Senator Ted Kennedy Died: WTF
Brittany Murphy: Okay thats the straw that broke camel back....Rolling with the homies...
My dating life sucked cause it dont exist
Media obessed st…

Skinny Jeans

Well there been a big debate about skinny jeans on men and here is my two cents about it. Well it like this im not a hater i like kid cudi he wear skinny jeans okay anyway with that. My thing about skinny is this your a man and you wear skinny jeans fine, but please understand that if you going to rock them pull them up over your ass. They alrighty tight mind as well pull them up and let them be tight all over keep it funky. It look silly to sag in tight ass pants with the booty poking out that not hot. Especially when its a group of y'all at a club or event and you and your boys standing in a huddle with your booty out not cool. Honestly whats wrong with regular fitting pants there not baggy or skinny their regular fit. So stop the madness and pull your pants up whether in skinny or baggy it getting out of control.

But....Wait it gets worst....Lil Mama

Okay so like im totally diggin the award show for the first time in years i loved the MJ Tribute and Madonna speech. Still in shock over kanye (by the way Taylor Swift had a good performance). I like pink and despite people shittin on Beyonce i like her Performance too (And Bey that was a good look doing that for taylor) But the Performance i was waiting was for Jay-Z. He come on (great intro by the way) So him and Alicia Do the damn thing it's coming to and end but low and behold Lil Mama comes out of no where and i am like damn WTFAIS this little girl pops up out of no where....check it for your self

Fly Away

Well once again I have Mr Jackson on the site what can i say im a fan what you want from me. Anyway this weekend would have been Michael 51 birthday, So much done happen this summer. I lost my cousin (R.I.P Jamal Palmer) to senseless violence, people dying every day in my city. Loss of the world greatest entertainer, earlier this week it was reported that Michael death was ruled a homicide and that it self was a down. I know all the reports about the drugs and blah blah i am not saying we should not talk about it but it's time to let it rest he not here anymore what more do you want from this man let him be. Happy Birthday Mike J (R.I.P)


To Aaliyah with Love

August 25th 2001 eight years ago today Aaliyah Dana Haughton was killed in a plane crash at the age of Twenty two. For me that was a very sad day Aaliyah was one of my all time favorite artist. I started listening to her music at 13, I thought it was to cool at the time finally have artist who was around my age making good music and representing young women in a positive way. It was cool to see that, she was beautiful talented individual. I really enjoyed her music I miss her alot, so on this day i choose remember for her the artist she was. One Love to you Aaliyah (forever on rotation in the Ipod)

"I think Aaliyah was an incredible artist. This is one artist who stayed true to who she was. She had her own style, her own vibe. She was just amazing. She actually was the artist to start it off for me. She started the whole era of young girls coming out." --Brandy

Saga Continues

Two Months from today Michael Jackson passed away and of course they not gon let the man rest in peace. As of late his death has been ruled a homicide, so it's like as if he died again. He finally getting buried on sept. 3, to me this went from being sad to surreal. I don't know what to say now, he was murdered i can't believe it ended for him like this. Eight years ago today Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash and in seventeen days is the eighth aniversary of sept 11th. Eight years later here i am blogging about Michael Jackson death. This is so unbelievable his death is one thing but now he was killed......The Saga continues

Big Girls Need Love too: Women need love

That same ole saying big girls need love....I absolutely hate that saying from the bottom of my heart. I am a big girl let me rephrase that i am a woman that overweight, thick, big boned whatever you want to call it. More to love, why is it that we "big girls" have to be placed in a special catergory like we just a different breed or something. I don't need love just cause im big i need love just becuase i am human and i deserve. Particular the saying is mostly heard from males, Ironic huh? I heard guys say that quote in work, at school on the bus etc. Usually there are a punchline or laughter behind it. What led me to this is that i was on another blog and this dude was giving reason why a big women need love, I know it was his way of giving props and i appreciate that, but his reasons overall did not quite say hay they are as beautiful as a women of any size. We need love becuase we deserve love too, don't treat us like another species.

We all need love

MJ Moment

MJ Moments some of my favorite Mj that going to be shown on this website quite often so dont hate. Anyway here is the clip of behind the scenes off the Bad Tour from 88-89 that aired on MTV back when it was an actual music channel that was the shit back in the day take it away MJ...


P.S The BAD Era Mike was fine as hell can't front

WU-Tang Clan aint nothing to F--k with

For those of you that have been keeping up with the Joe Budden Vs. The Wu-Tang clan the saga continues. Well it all started with Joe Budden throwing shots at the Method Man inregards to the Vibe top rappers i wont go into that. Well meth and joe got a chance to squash their beef during the rock the bells festival but Raekwon on the other hand well he was like to hell with that. So here what happened I guess Joe was about to start doing his video bloging Mickey Factz was there and Rae came with some of his dudes come thru you know see whats up. An altercation took place with Rae goon hitting Joe it was based off this comment
:"Method Man, I apologize…but anybody else associated with that n—a, who feels like my name can just roll out of their f—ing mouth…do it from now on, and it won’t be nothing Royce or Crook can do to stop what I’m gonna do"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Internet: The Dating fiasco

As a single woman in the twenty first century dating should come easy with myspace and twitter facebook etc. Not true cause in reality looking to a computer to find love is quite silly and to be honest i was one of those people tip toeing on the idea of internet dating. I actually met a couple of people threw the internet never met in person becauase honestly something just aint right about it. Can't trust internet when it comes to people, becuase the internet allows a person to create an alternate reality of who they really are. Case in point nine times that person that says there a single person on myspace or facebook may have a someone in there life i know you say well shema your status is single, and i'll say yes true indeed. They want to meet you and come stright to your house thats a no no i don't care how long how you and that person been comuincating threw the internet. first meeting not at the house don't do it for a number a reasons: Home is a personal space …

Who is it??????

Yeah i am about to blog about michael again its my site i can do that I love MJ. anybody who has a problem so what. Now its spectulation about who killed Mike. Was it an overdose? Was it doctors?. I killed Michael, you killed, the media killed michael celebrity killed michael, love killed michael, hate killed michael, life killed michael. In his darkest hour did we still care? when his skin got pale nose got smaller his actions got weirder did you care? In the united states i seen overwhelming tributes which i think is wonderful but.......Thru all he went thru in last decade or so where was the tributes then. When he was aquitted of those charges i remember seeing the support in LA i know i was happy as hell might even had bust a move. But where was the out show of support, when they was chanting wacko jacko where were the voices defending him. When he held his son over the balcony we dimissed as him being crazy. When he talked about doing a comeback album i heard more doubts then che…

To Michael with Love

Okay i wrote a brief blog on how i felt about Michael passing well after a couple of days and going to different message boards and watching all the videos, news specials etc. It gave me time to sit and reflect, first of all let me say this Michael was always on deck in the ipod always. I was born in the 80's every aspect of my childhood Michael was apart of it. At christmas i had the doll, when the victory tour happened i had the scarfs hell for years my mother kept my sister pepsi can. My brother had a Michael Jackson watch and the beat it jacket in black. My sister melted her thriller tape, in my household we were super jackson fans. Corns flakes had the jacksons stickers in the box do you hear me the man had prizes in a cereal box. Everything this man did impacted my life for those who knows me knows that i am a music fantic part of my love of music comes from Michael. Listening to him, my mom loved the jackson family she had the jackson five albums we would sit and talk about…

Who Got The Props

Madonna another music icon showed love to another Icon the one and only Michael Jackson at her concert in london at the O2 arena the same place where Mike was going to have his last concert. She had a great inpersonator which was Awesome, even thou there are haters out there, millions more showing love and support to Michael Jackson. I think it's great that an artist like Madonna showed love to Michael like they pretty much was the 80's i mean it was their decade but check out the performance below........


Man in the Mirror

June 25 2009 The King of pop Micheal Jackson Passes away i can't say the words to express how i feel. i was and still am a proud Micheal Jackson fan, I was born and raised in the micheal jackson era and loved it. I don't care if you sing good or dance well no one could touch Mr. Jackson My thoughts and prayers are with Michael and his family RIP

And despite all the charges and accusations I always believed in you mike r.i.p

Also RIP To Farah Fawcett (charlies angel)

Nothin like the old school

Last thursday i got to relive apart of my childhood i got to enjoy the live tunes of "Lady love" letoya luckett the original light skin boy AL B Sure (still fine) and and the wonderful and beautiful Ginuwine. It was good a concert despite what everyone say Letoya is good artist that was the second time i seen her and she don't need beyonce yes she still the underdog and when people ask me about the concert basically everyone said she a nobody and i kinda felt like that aint cool. Letoya out Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. So Letoya keep doing ur thing. Al B Sure still can hit the notes afterwhile he would get off the stage but he did a good job and it was nice to see his son and Nite and Day is Still the shit love it. Ginuwine first of let me say he like fine wine he gets better with age for real i mean dam he look good. His set was good only thing he sing hard so he got horse and he did not do pony but really he could have just stood there i would have been cool bu…

A New Crush.....A Kid name Cudi

Dear Kid Cudi
How do i say thee let me count the ways i have a crush on you at first it was about the music Day n Nite is always stay on repeat in the ipod. I think your cool i think your fly. You need a chick that is laid back that chick is me so expect to see me in cleveland looking for you to be your next superboo

Forever and always the complex one


P.S I'm just playing but check it you are a cutie.....Tyson Chandler next

Video Throwback: Summer 96

Summer 1996 the olympics was going i was about to enter my freshman year of high school. One thing I remember about that summer is hip-hop was on point Tupac All eyez on me was poppin and lets not forget the whole east vs west war going on. But there was young man i remember well maybe cause i had crush on him. His name is Shyheim he made his debut in 1993 with the rugged child then came back in 1996 with the lost generation (one of my fave hip-hop albums) so todays video i present to you is "Shaolin Style" feat. Method Man

Life I wonder part 1

As a child growing up you were told go to school and get your education with that you'll be able to unlock the key to success. Okay well i'm about to start bitchin, first and foremost let me say this i am so so grateful for my college education don't get it twisted. My issue is why does these company don't want to take the time to train and give college grads a chance? why are most internships for college students. I have no problem being a intern now i have a regualar 9-5 so all i want is the experience i feel that people out school should still have those intern/appentice opportunities as well.

Whats good son!!!!!!!!!

Now check this out i am a hip-hop fan true and true and Beef is good and now Joe Budden is going at Method Man bananas right. Now listen I love Joe Budden I really do and being from that 90's hip-hop Method Man c'mon man TICAL. Okay joe basically is tight about the vibe hip-hop list and the fact that method man has a hire ranking okay first like Meth said vibe rap list is not viable to follow and its not okay Joe stated that he would crush method man okay. I like him getting at Meth but please people don't sleep on Meth I would love to see the end result of this peep Audio from meth and joe talking about one another

R&B videos series

Let's take a trip way back to 1993, today video throwback is from the orginal bad boy's of R&B Jodeci. This is the remake of stevie wonder "lately" jodeci sang their rendition of the song on the 1993 MTV unplugged uptown special. With over whelming reception from the public they made a studio version with a video release in black and white here is jodeci "lately" enjoy

Video throwback

The year 1996 ( I love that year) my tender roni days the video I present to you is Mona Lisa "you said" off her 96 debut "11-20-79". One of my all time favorite cds and one slept on cd at that. Here is mona lisa with you said


How hard would you go????


**=Not actual word use your imagination

So okay I am getting off from work on a sunday grab the cell called up my homegirl cause one i miss the bus and two it sunday the bus wait is longer. So i called her and decided to cut the wait time down i walk to the chinese spot so i am walking and talking shooting the shit. So i get to the chinese spot and aproach the counter i am still on the phone and all here on the other end is "oh shit" the phone hangs up so I order my food and call her right back she picks up the phone and is like "oh my God" I'm like what happen she like "i drop my *my cigar*" so i am standing like what "she like this is not good. It fell on the side of the stove", so okay i get my food proceed to walk toward the bus stop. I'm talki…

Broke Girl Diaries: Chapter 2 "Broke on a friday"

It like this it's friday night i am sitting here blogging listening to 3 doors down "loser" so what does that tell you about me. Well I am broke what else i am going to do hop in the cab and go clubbing. Not tonight we in a recession but i been in a my own personal recession for while now and trying to figure out a way to make progress. I want to get out my city becuase there is no progression here, sorry but my city been in a recession for years and we pretty much hit rock bottom and it seems like were going to be there for a while. I am a college graduate working in customer service, now don't get me wrong I am grateful and blessed to have a job. But damn you spend all that time getting a education to come out and do customer service dealing with irate customers who bitch and moan about how much money they spend on their shit OMG. It's enough to make you want to holler, but it the way it is right now.

So i am going to make the most out of this friday

What's going on

If you look at the picture above you see a beautiful women not familar with this face well she is an international singer Nadja Benaissa. Well according to reports the singer has been arrested for allegedly apreading the decease known as HIV with at least three different partners. She was arrested in a german night club, of all the places to get arrested for spreading HIV a night club what are the odds.

Here is my two cents not I am not passing judgement it like this in this day and age HIV is a live and well and people are still having unprotected sex with one another like it is all good. I don't her or her situtation all I can say is us better judge ment when it come to your partner.

Broke Girl Diaries: Chapter 1 sneaker addiction

Sneakers ruined my life it started when i was four or five i got my first pair of nikes they was blue and check this out the swoosh change colors (tear roles down eye) they was awesome oh so awesome i would wear them right now if could find them. Any who it started then, while most little girls was into shoes and purses i was all about the sneakers. I went threw a period of rocking the payless sneakers oh they may have been payless but you best believe that i had the best damn payless sneakers out the store homie. later years of grade school i got back with the name brand break up to make up what can i say. I remember sitting in class staring at kids feet wanting their sneakers. My cousin back in the day had a mean sneaker game her kicks was always on point. You see i wasn't the richest the kid my mom did her best to keep name brand sneakers on our feet and i can't complain but as kid i got sneakers but it never was more than one pair at a time. I wanted to have 3 pair of snea…

Oh happy day

I'll never forget that magical year 1996 who can forget the Olympics games in Atlanta; I was young foot loose and fancy free. I'll never forget the day I saw this beautiful man on my screen he was tall carmel and hair smooth like silk. He was dancing on stage yes ladies and gentlemen i am talking about the one and Ginuwine aka Elgin Lumpkin. Usher great singer and dancer but he fell off and yes Chris Beat em down Brown is one hell of a dancer but he tried to break dance on his girlfriend so he can kick rocks. Ginuwine, he is older sexier and great dancer, here his latest video "Last Chance" feat. that Other brother Tyrese (Good Lord) and Lisa Raye (ugh)

Ginuwine - Last Chance (New)
by foxysoul

Last chance will be featured on his latest album "A Man thoughts"

video courtesy of

Im Back.....Pheonix on mind

Yes I am back from trip i was out in Phoenix visiting my sister from another mister any who I had a great time weather was nice everyday the fact that i was wearing flip flops in march had me buggin. Nice looking guys, nice cars, nice houses. Okay folks this is major for me I saw mountains just to walk outside and see a mountain up the street is crazy. Well I'm back in the city of the coldest winter ever *yay* sike. Everyone ask is Phoenix a place i want to be and the answer is Hell Yeah im just trying to see what the future hold for me so I am putting in GOD's hands.

It' My Bday im am 4x7?

Hello yes this blog is about me yessir it's my birthday March 11th i am a true product of the 8o's. It's a wonderful day not only is it a wonderful day i will be jetting off to pheonix for a remander of my birthday celebration. Yup im going to hot ass pheonix a well needed vacation for myself and a well deserved one at that so happy birthday to me

This my birthday co star Letoya Luckett she also 4x7? be on the look out for lady love LP due soon

Rebirth of Cool

Today subject Mr. Kanye West everyone says oh he loosing it he dresses weird i will admit that yeah his wordrobe is crazy at times. But is also crazy to see thirty something year old men sag their jeans like it nineteen ninty two nobody call them weird (I think their weird but who i am to say anything) His hair cut okay the man has a shag. So what the big deal is it cause he go left. Everyone say he loosing it cause he lost mom. Maybe he going thru something cause he lost his mother, I lost my mom and i went thru some shit and still going thru some shit does that make me weird am i losing my mind cause my mom past. So don't blame his behavior on his mom passing if you never been in that situation you can't really say what on a person or what their going thru. Everyone upset over 808's & heartbreaks oh it not a hip-hop album he singing like T-pain so is jamie foxx but no one saying nothing about him sounding like a robot.

In conclusion cut the brother some slack

Talk to em Joe

Yes I am biased he's a great lyricist who capture the true essence of Hip-Hop that's consistant and makes hip-hop enjoyable again. He also easy on the eyes.

Go get the Padded room

1.) Now I Lay
2.) Touch N Go
3.) If I Gotta Go
4.) Blood On The Wall
5.) Don’t Make Me
6.) In My Sleep
7.) Outcast
8.) I Couldn’t Help It
9.) Do Tell
10.) My Life
11.) Better Me
12.) Just to Be Different
13.) Angel In My Life
14.) Pray For Me

Video courtesy of KarmaloopTV

Chasing Waterfalls

When the sun shines, we'll shine together,
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out 'till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh

Well if you don't know by now reports are stating that Rihanna and Chris Brown is back together. I don't know what the hell happened in that car but all i know is someone got there ass beat in that bitch. And you mean to tell me they got back together WTF?. Love has power that all i can say do you player.

Meanwhile enjoy this public service announcement from Tina Turner

They did it again

New york post cartoon in regards to the killing of the chimpanzee and the President Obama stimulus bill. This a direct attack on the President and his stimulus plan, This is outrageous freedom of speech yes i understand that, but where is the taste clause someone need to put that in affect. These next four years is going to be something thIS is only the cusp of what yet to come from the media. New york post has always had it way with throwing jabs with racial conotations towards pubic eye figures of color.


Easily Broken

It finally made is way onto the net,

photos of R&B singer Rihanna pics has surfaced the net taken after her alleged beating of from boyfriend Chris brown (alleged my ass). Some folks believe it not her saying that the pictures has been enhanced with brusies and the contusions on her head. These are real i know it hurts all the Chris brown supporters that this had happen. But it did that pic is as real as my big toe we need to be real about the situation. There is Speculation saying that she provoked the fight it all her fault. That can all be true but who are we to say that, How do we know he just not naturally violent it cuase of wholesome act. Bullshit that what you got to watch out for.

He's Baaaaaaack!!!!!!!

Killa Cam making his rounds on the internet and magazines, He on the lastest cover of XXL magazine. Cameron Giles aka Cam'ron is giving his side to of the whole dipset fiasco if you will. He stated that his hiatus was due to his mom being sick and he been down in florida taking care of her. He spoke on the 50 cent beef and was quoted "50 cent can kiss my ass". He claims that juelz is on the sizzurp and that the core memebers always will Cam, jim, zeek and juelz. Even thou he owns a majority of the percentage of the Dipset the others as well has a certain percentage as well.

Overall Cam was taking care of business

The album crime pays comes out in may

video courtesy of

He Finally Did it

I am a happy woman yes ladies and gentlemen Mr Iverson himself has cut his braids off this and showed this pass weekend at the NBA All Star weekend. Twelve years he had those braids I remember when he came in the league and had a low cut and now he went back to that cut. It's about damn time he is grown as man.

Can we have please have a moment of silence

February 12 2008 an airplane carrying forty nine passengers on Continental Connection Flight 3407 crashed into a home located in Clarance, N.Y. This is a tragedy that hit close to home i am a residence of the western new york area Clarance NY is close to where i live. And to hear that this tragedy has happened saddens me and i would just like to send my thoughts and prayers is with the family and friends of those who parished in the crash.

May God Bless all of you

Just My Thoughts: Session 1

Hey in recent news we have Learned that Chris Brown cause physical harm to his girlfriend Rihanna. Now I am not calling Chris a woman beater becuase this story is still unfolding. My question is will people still support Chris Brown? Is his career in jeopardy? What going to happen to Rihanna?. Yeah i heard All the Ike and Tina and Whitney And Bobby Jokes funny. But let's be serious people this dude laid hands on a female and i been to recent blogs with such comments as "He laid the smack down", "who knew his pimp hand was strong" "damn Breezy Break danced on her ass" We can laugh and joke. But it still don't change the fact that he beat up a chick he loose mad cool points for that. I know he feeling like a dumb ass for that. His fanbase is girls young girls at that. But this probably won't change anything if anything it will make a him superduper star cause for some reason shit like that is supported. Now i know R.kelly is a whole different si…

Good boy gone bad??????????

Acording to the Los Angeles police Department Chris Brown turned him self sunday night before the Grammy awards. Sources say Chris got into an altercation with a female companion and the female has been named and it's none other than Rihanna. And here what was told by the associtated press

"The LAPD said in a release that the 19-year-old R&B singer and an unidentified woman were in a vehicle in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles early Sunday when they began arguing"

"Police said Brown and the woman got out of the car and the argument escalated; the woman reportedly identified Brown as her attacker"

"Officers said Brown was not present at the scene when they arrived. reported that the woman suffered visible injuries".

Well all i can say is wow can we say career in jeopardy this is crazy they both young with a bright future. Don't know what the malay is about but all i can say once a good boy go bad he gone forever. Chris Bro…

Spread her wings

Kelendria (Kelly) Rowland has finally took a step and separated from beyonce daddy aka Matthew Knowles from being her manager a statement was released from both camps

“Mathew Knowles has been a positive influence in my career. I have had great success under his guidance—both as a member of Destiny’s Child and with my solo projects. Although we have decided to part ways professionally, the Knowles family and the entire Music World Entertainment team will always be my family,” Rowland said in a statement released through her publicist
-Kelly Rowland

“After a very positive meeting between Kelly Rowland and myself, we have amicably agreed to end our professional relationship. My company, Music World, will continue to manage Destiny’s Child as a group. As an artist Kelly has incredible talent and I only wish her the best. We will always be family first and foremost, and as a dad I only have love for Kelly" - Matthew knowles

All I have to say is about time I love Beyonce do get me wrong b…

Knowing is half the battle

Okay 80's babies once again a popular cartoon staple from our childhood is coming to the theatre in live action form. And this time its G.I. Joe yes folks G.I Joe the infamous Joes will be back this summer to a screen near you. Here is one of the promos poster released from paramount pictures.


January 20th 2009

It is official Barack Obama is now the president of the united states we got him in office. Now it our turn to stand up and do our part, so I ask and urge everyome to please stand behind Obama and Biden during this presidency. I feel that we have to do our part as citzens in this courtry. It's time to press on and move forward and bring change.

"Altough it seem heaven sent we ain't ready to have a black president"
Tupac -I wonder if heaven got a ghetto-

Well if pac was hear now i wonder what he would say

To Aaliyah with love

You know according to the average person thrity is old no longer in your twenties's, The mature age. Well imagine having your life cut short at twenty two, You miss out on important milestones like twenty five and thirty. Imagine if you had twenty two years on earth. You may think you can acomplish much but it just a smidgen of what you can do in a full life span. Imagine having a blossoming career a great relationship a promising future to have it all come to an end.

January 16th 2009 Aaliyah Dana Haughton would have been celebrating her 3oth birthday today. August 25th 2001 the singer and eight others died in a plane crash leaving the Bahamas, Aaliyah was just twenty two with a very bright future ahead of her. We stress over age but we really need to take the time and be thinkful for being the age we are.

To Aaliyah with love Happy Birthday

Single ladies: A guide to being single

All my single ladies such as myself sometimes it hard being a single lady everybody wants to be loved but if you not with someone it okay here are my to steps to cope with being single:

1. Being single is okay it not the end of world it really not it may seem like it but it not.

2. Love yourself how can you love someone else if you don't love yourself

3. Don't settle for less value your worth

4. Don't let a man gas you up ladies we all have all done it. Be in control let them know from jump and they can't with that keep it movin.

5. Work out get your body and mind right and it could lead you the right guy (results may very)

6. Strenghten your independence one thing about being single it just you. So when that right relationship comes along don't become dependent.

7. Recognize game sometimes you can't, let intuition kick in he can say all the right things but it can be a load of bullshit learn to smell it.

8.If you been let down in the past don't dwell on it use it …