Change going to come

Well only a few weeks left into the new year and then it will be 2009 all i can say is there was some highs and lows in 08. Personally well lets see well in the first few weeks of the year i was jobs less money was low. Got a new job for a about two months did not pan out so for about a week in a half i was job less. The spring time came got a new job in daycare, that was a crazy experienced that made me question about having kids I moved on from that. Now i am work a different gig it cool for now. Well we have a new president (go Borack) and hopefully in 09 a change is going to come. I am looking forward to it i am going into my 28th year and proud of it I am hoping to make some big changes in 09 some really big ones. The weight loss has started and it's going to continue it's a battle but it is one i am willing to take I want to be healthy i really do. In the last few years i been doing alot of growing and even thou i am grown i still have alot of growing up to do I hope and pray that it continue to be in a positive direction. I am feeling really good right now I know that change going to come


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