All Time Christmas Faves


Christmas "86" The Ohio Trip one of the greatest gifts my granddad gave

Christmas "88" My Keyboard and Coca Cola sweatsuit (true hip hop heads know about the coca cola sweat suit) I was fresh in 2nd grade what!!!!

Christmas "89"- The Nintindo Yes Super mario brothers 3 IV life

Christmas "92"- 90210 doll "Dylan" Even at that point I was over Toys that was an ill gift
Christmas "92"-My first Radio it spark it off i have not been the same since (bring backcassettes)Also that year i got saved by the bell board game and I never got to play it cause someone wanted to entertain there friends thanx kisha!!!!!!!!!!
Christmas 94- THE SUPER NINTENDO o what a christmas hold on moment of silence: it was great Donkey kong, Battletoads and double dragon and my all time fave super street figher (BRING BACK 94) Just playing fun year thou
Christmas 97- The CD player my first cd's Mariah carey "Butterfly" and Aaliyah "one in a million" good times
Christmas 05-The Ipod video 30gb courtesy of aunt tracey (get well)
Christmas 07- The GGGunit purse My sister making me a woman
My first Martini Set thanx to my homie down in The AZ
All Christmas was good but these are my most memorable ones


TLC (1993)-Sleigh ride: It not christmas until i Hear that song
Mariah Carey Christmas CD(1994): The bomb ass christmas CD
NSYNC Christmas(1998)- Say what you want them white boys can harmonize
Christina Aguilera(2000)- My kinda of christmas is the shit
Destiny's Child-8 days of christmas (2001)-Beyonce and friends what more can I say
The Temptations: christmas album (1980) ask ur momma ask your daddy about this album a must have
Boyz II Men (1993)-Let it snow cmon what

The Christmas story
- C'mon classic
Home Alone- Good times
This Christmas-Disfunction but good movie
A Charlie brown christmas- Another classic
The little Drummer boy-Claymation is the shit
Frosty the snow man- Awesome
Its a wonderful life- a tear jerker


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