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All Time Christmas Faves

Christmas "86" The Ohio Trip one of the greatest gifts my granddad gave
Christmas "88" My Keyboard and Coca Cola sweatsuit (true hip hop heads know about the coca cola sweat suit) I was fresh in 2nd grade what!!!!
Christmas "89"- The Nintindo Yes Super mario brothers 3 IV lifeChristmas "92"- 90210 doll "Dylan" Even at that point I was over Toys that was an ill gift
Christmas "92"-My first Radio it spark it off i have not been the same since (bring backcassettes)Also that year i got saved by the bell board game and I never got to play it cause someone wanted to entertain there friends thanx kisha!!!!!!!!!!
Christmas 94- THE SUPER NINTENDO o what a christmas hold on moment of silence: it was great Donkey kong, Battletoads and double dragon and my all time fave super street figher (BRING BACK 94) Just playing fun year thou
Christmas 97- The CD player my first cd's Mariah carey "Butterfly" and Aaliyah …

Imaginary Bitches

Well I was surfing the net and came across a web series called imaginary bitches, its about a single woman who feels left out becuase her friends are involved in relationships. So she creates two imaginary friends who happens to be extreme bitches. The character Eden hears the voices of catherine and heather at any given moment throwing in their two cents on Eden life. All I have to say is I love this shit. As a single woman living in the twenty first century it seems like everyone in the world is a couple but you and this web series is funny and clever. The web series stars Eden Riegel who also portrays "Bianca Montgomery" on the ABC soap all my children. check out the web series at

P.S. No i don't have imaginary friends, well for now...............

Change going to come

Well only a few weeks left into the new year and then it will be 2009 all i can say is there was some highs and lows in 08. Personally well lets see well in the first few weeks of the year i was jobs less money was low. Got a new job for a about two months did not pan out so for about a week in a half i was job less. The spring time came got a new job in daycare, that was a crazy experienced that made me question about having kids I moved on from that. Now i am work a different gig it cool for now. Well we have a new president (go Borack) and hopefully in 09 a change is going to come. I am looking forward to it i am going into my 28th year and proud of it I am hoping to make some big changes in 09 some really big ones. The weight loss has started and it's going to continue it's a battle but it is one i am willing to take I want to be healthy i really do. In the last few years i been doing alot of growing and even thou i am grown i still have alot of growing up to do I hope and…