The Future of Hip-hop

To your left folks this man right here is the future of hip-hop yes ladies and gentlemen. Piles is the breath of fresh of air that gone breath life into the rap game i am so excited.........SIKE c'mon now of all the people in hip-hop their saying that he is the future. I'm not knocking piles so to those of you out there chill. What i am saying is that he has not done nothing significant in the game YET (keyword yet) but the tell the same story that's been said before, I'm just being real. I will give Piles props for the simple fact that he does not rely on heavy guest features on his album. Hey Vibe here is an idea for a cover story Piles: Me, Myself and I. Now i think folks can live with that. The future of hip-hop is a very sensitive subject and Vibe you know this maaaaaaaaaan!


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