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What a week

Well sorry for lack a off updates well as you know thanksgiving 08 came and gone and what a holiday it was. My bestfriend came home and we had some fun so i had a good thanksgiving it was cool.

The End of an Era

Yes sunday night was the Total Request Finale, MTV last video show said its good bye last night with star studded guest such as Beyonce Knowles, 50 cent, Kid Rock, Nelly, Justin Timberlake etc. They showed highlights of the past 10 yrs. They even brought back the original host Carson Daly. It was nice to go back down memory lane. Yes i am the orginal TRL junkie i watched it faithfully for five years, after that off and on based on the guest and to see Quddus.
The down fall of that of finale is like 50 said alot of artist won't have a platform. All I can say is 106 & park and if your music is not that format than your shit out of luck.
Well there is Fuse, Much Music, MTV 2 , MTVJams or MTV hits.
One moment they forgot to mention the death of Aaliyah that was a pivital moment for TRL becuase she was one of the first artist to have a video to go number one on TRL . Matter of fact it was always battle between "Are you that somebody" and Brandy & Monica "The boy …

The Future of Hip-hop

To your left folks this man right here is the future of hip-hop yes ladies and gentlemen. Piles is the breath of fresh of air that gone breath life into the rap game i am so excited.........SIKE c'mon now of all the people in hip-hop their saying that he is the future. I'm not knocking piles so to those of you out there chill. What i am saying is that he has not done nothing significant in the game YET (keyword yet) but the tell the same story that's been said before, I'm just being real. I will give Piles props for the simple fact that he does not rely on heavy guest features on his album. Hey Vibe here is an idea for a cover story Piles: Me, Myself and I. Now i think folks can live with that. The future of hip-hop is a very sensitive subject and Vibe you know this maaaaaaaaaan!

I'm Back

Hey sorry for lack of updates well for the last couple of days i been enjoying the fact that our new president elect is Borack Obama *Yay*. We went out there and voted now is not the time for us to sit out and rest becuase we have a new president. We have to keep the momentum going we have to do our part. We demanded for change and now its here so don't get scared, cause remember yes we can.

p.s BORACK is president sorry i love saying that.


It's official Borack Obama is our President and it is fantastic and i am so proud that we went out and voted good job everyone.

The Time is here

November 4th is here we have to get out there and vote, all elections are important but this one is crucial. Young people I urge you to go and vote, It is easy for us to keep up with the trends and who doing what with who. It's so much non important things we focus on in our country. Now is the time for us to focus on what it is important and November 4th is that time. The game has started we need all our players to go out there and win the game.

Happy Voting